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Manhunt ends after woman reports a home invasion, shots fired

HARRISON COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI (March 21, 2016) -- A manhunt ended with four people in custody Monday after a home invasion in which a woman reported two young masked men fired a shot at her and shot her dog as they fled, an official said.

The woman had been feeding horses outside her home on Pine Forest Road off John Clark Road in the early morning hours Monday when she noticed something suspicious about her back door, Chief Deputy Ron Pullen said.

"She heard voices inside, went in and there they were," he said. "I guess it startled her and it startled them."

Pullen said the woman grabbed her gun and the men ran out. The woman released her dog on them.

"As she saw them running toward woods, they fired a shot fired towards her and her dog was shot," Pullen said. The dog was taken to a veterinarian for treatment.

Harrison County dispatchers called for a helicopter at 7:13 a.m. and police from Gulfport and Pass Christian joined in the search.

"The public helped," Pullen said. "Several people called in saying they saw young males jumping fences."

"Officers found a T-shirt in the woods and a dog tracked off that scent to find them."

An ambulance crew was called to the scene to stand by for a canine apprehension.

Officers also found two young women or teenagers and a suspicious car. Investigators believe they were involved in the crimes, Pullen said.

The manhunt ended after an hour-long search.

"We are sorting out what happened and will see what charges will be filed," Pullen said.

The likely charges include burglary of an occupied dwelling and aggravated assault.

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