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UT Murder Suspect’s Sister Defends Brother

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Sister defends brother, Meechaiel Criner, in murder charges against UT student (Video: abc13.com)


HOUSTON, TX (via twcnews.com) April 9, 2016 -- Meechaiel Criner’s sister is speaking out about her brother after he was charged with the murder of UT student Haruka Weiser on Thursday.

His sister says their mother was a drug addict and committed suicide which sent Criner to live with his grandmother in Texarkana until fifth grade. Then the state took custody.

Both Criner's sister and grandmother say the teen had psychiatric issues and anger problems. His sister says she still doesn't think her brother could kill anyone, but Child Protective Services shares any blame.

"How would you possibly let a 17-year-old mentally issued child out of your system for that long of a time?" said Criner’s sister.

She also had a message to Haruka Weiser’s family. "I am greatly deeply sorry that this happened. I'm deeply sorry but I assure you that my brother Meechaiel Criner did not do this."

Criner's sister asked that her name not be released. She says her family has already felt a backlash from her brother being charged in such a high-profile murder.



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April 11, 2016

He did it do the crime get the time.

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