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Concealed Carry Licensed Woman Saves… Herself

Refusing to be a Victim:

Earlier this month a Texas woman refused to be a victim. In another example of solid reasoning and justification for possessing a concealed carry permit, this woman changed a potential life threatening situation for her into a life threatening situation of the would-be robber, or worse.


Concealed Carry Purse

On the 5th of June, a Houston woman found herself in a situation none of us wants to experience. Having pulled into an Exxon station, the woman had a man jump into the passenger seat of her car. He quickly brandished a knife and demanded her money.

Keep in mind that this incident occurred at only 6 pm and just down the road from a church. According to a Harris County sheriff’s deputy, the woman was “cool as a cucumber”. She reached into her purse as if she was getting the money and pulled out a handgun instead. One shot to the left shoulder shifted the balance of power completely.

Here is the local news account of the event: Channel 2 News

The potential robber fled on foot and collapsed a quarter-mile away due to bloodloss. The man was flown by LifeFlight helicopter to the Texas Medical Center due to blood loss and was later listed in stable condition.

This incident is another example of why it makes sense to have a women’s holster or other method of carrying a concealed weapon. If the robber had only run off with her money, he still would have stolen her sense of safety and control. A woman carrying a weapon is a woman capable of defending herself. Women are strong! They’re stronger with a gun!

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