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Shooting for 2016 - A Response to Comments

Bernie Sanders Voting on Gun Rights

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When I wrote the “Shooting for 2016” article, I realized that there would be those who disagreed with one or more of the grades the various candidates received. I also knew that the grade I gave Sen. Sanders, a failing grade of “F”, would be controversial. As I did point out in the article, Sen. Sanders, prior to this election cycle, has been known for his rather Libertarian views on Gun Rights, with his fellow Liberals frequently at odds with him over his voting record on the subject.

However, these grades were compiled after a great deal of research and thought, and I was a very strict grader. A few off-hand remarks from former Governor Jeb Bush, in a far less visible forum than Meet the Press (where Sen. Sanders made his remarks), caused enough doubt in my mind to drop him from “A” to “B”.  One vote cast twenty-one years ago (a vote shared by Sanders, by the way) held Gov. Kasich to a “C”.

My problem with Sen. Sanders is not his record, but with his apparent disregard for the meaning and intent of the Second Amendment. For him to believe that the Anti-Federalists fought to have the Bill of Rights, and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in particular, included in the Constitution in order to protect such commonplace activities as hunting is incorrect.  This is akin to wanting a constitutional amendment to guarantee a right to shop at your local grocery store. Hunting has precisely zero to do with the Second Amendment.  Senator Sanders’ professed desire to ban all firearms not expressly intended for hunting betrays either a lack of knowledge of the intent of the framers, or a lack of respect thereof.
-Big John
Note:  A number of people chimed in on this article. This response was primarily motivated by a response on our FaceBook page Women's Shooting Network.
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