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Do You SOB?

Actually, do you carry Small of the Back (SOB).  Many women find this to be an intriguing option, easily concealed.  However, it is easily one of the most dangerous ways for a woman to carry.  Think about why you carry a gun?  For personal defense, right?  When do you need it?  If you are confronted or attacked.  The most dangerous place for us is a parking lot.  Look at the statistics, more women are mugged or attacked, in parking lots than any other single place. 

A common tactic is to knock a woman down, odds are you will fall backward.  If you fall backward, you risk falling on your gun.  Not only does it make it very hard to get to the gun, but you are risking serious injury if your gun is between the ground and your spine.  Also, it you are attacked from behind, you lose the option to grab your gun. 

Lastly, drawing is not only a challenge as you are reaching behind you, when you draw you are sweeping a very wide arc that isn’t where your focus is, this is potentially very dangerous.

Bottom line, SOB is an option, but consider the risks and challenges and make an informed decision.

-Guest Post by Lynne Finch-

Lynne is an Author and NRA Certified Instructor

Check out her Facebook page: Female and Armed

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