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Will France's Tragedy be the Left's Wake-up Call?


Women's Holsters take on Paris AttacksOn the evening of Friday the 13th of November, the world watched in horror as darkness invaded the City of Lights. They watched as multiple teams of Islamic terrorists, acting in concert and with coordination, spread death throughout the capital of the French Republic.  When the sun rose over Paris on the morning of the 14th, one hundred and twenty-nine were dead, hundreds were wounded, the borders of France had been sealed, and the French military was patrolling the streets. 

Many in Europe are now coming to the realization that the EU’s open borders, combined with the flood of Muslim refugees pouring into the continent from Iraq and Syria, along with the already large and increasingly militant Islamic populations in the EU’s member nations, have created the perfect conditions for a European jihad that will make 9-11 pale in comparison. 

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As I write these words, less than seventy-two hours after the attacks in Paris began, three questions are utmost in my mind:  How will France retaliate against those who have committed, in the words of President François Hollande, “… an act of war”; how will Europe, already torn on the issue of dealing with the influx of refugees, deal with the threat that can no longer be ignored; and most importantly from our perspective, will our political leadership finally awake to the fact that ISIS is not the, “junior varsity,” is not on the run, and, despite President Obama’s statement on the very day of the attacks, is in no way “contained.”

We’re all familiar with the jokes about the fighting prowess (or lack thereof) of the French military—cheese-eating surrender monkeys, going to war without the French is like going hunting without a tuba, surplus French rifles … never fired and only dropped once—but the truth is far different.  The French military, particularly their Special Operations troops, are professional, skilled, and experienced.  If there is a reluctance to fight, it’s on the part of their political leadership.  If Hollande is to be believed, and I certainly don’t doubt the sincerity of his statement, that reluctance has disappeared in the bloodshed that washed over Paris Friday night.  What they will do remains to be seen; that they will do something is a given.

Europe's reaction as a whole, however, is harder to judge, as they’ve long had difficulties with their immigrant Muslim populations.  For nearly two decades now, the liberal socialist governments that control Western Europe have tried to buy off their hostile and militant immigrant communities, to little avail.  And now, as thousands of refugees enter Europe in what is, in essence, the largest Muslim invasion of the continent since the Ottoman Empire battled Christendom in the 15th and 16th Centuries, the socialist governments of Europe find themselves hard pressed to deal with the refugee crisis on a purely humanitarian basis, much less cope with the security issues the crisis presents.

Far more troubling to those of us here in the United States is the disconnect from reality those on the political left still demonstrate, even in the face of such atrocities as the downing of Metrojet Flight 9268 on Halloween, the suicide bombings in Beirut, and the Paris attacks.  On Friday morning’s Good Morning America, the President told George Stephanopoulos that he believed that ISIS was contained, that it wasn’t gaining strength.  Less than twelve hours later, Paris was in flames, under attack by the organization that Obama had described as “… contained.”

ISIS Gaining Strength  - Obama | Woman Holsters

In fact, the forefront of the Democratic Party, led by their roster of 2016 presidential candidates, displays an even greater lack of understanding of the world in which we live.   Hillary Clinton, who in her capacity as Secretary of State during Obama’s first term had helped craft his disastrous foreign policy, is the most hawkish of the Democratic candidates, though that’s an extremely low hurdle to clear.  As such, she was predictably attacked by her opponents at the second Democratic Presidential debate, which took place twenty-four hours after the attacks in Paris.  Both Sen. Bernie Sanders and Gov. Martin O’Malley criticized her votes for the Iraq war during her terms in the Senate, while glossing over the fact that it was Obama’s policies in Iraq and Syria (which she helped craft as SecState) which led to the birth of ISIS and the current state of affairs, a far more serious charge.

Sanders, an avowed Socialist and the most Left-oriented of the Democratic candidates, is still arguing that climate change is far more dangerous a threat than terrorism, while I’m still confused about why O’Malley is in this race, much less what his plan is to deal with radical Islamic terrorism.  Of course, for any Democratic candidate to have a plan to deal with Islamic terrorism, they must first be able to say the words, “Islamic terrorism,” something they have failed to come to terms with as yet.

As Americans rush to show support for the country that was our first ally, the nation that was the first to recognize our independence from Great Britain, we must recognize the fact that what can happen in Paris can happen here.  Both Obama and Clinton are calling for even more Syrian refugees, upwards of 250,000, to be brought into this country, and that’s in addition to the flood of illegal immigrants crossing our virtually open southern border.  Anyone who refuses to believe that there are ISIS terrorists in the US as this is written is delusional, and increased importation of Muslim refugees will do nothing but exacerbate the situation.

Concern about Home

Americans are now filling their tweets and Facebook statues with the hashtag Je Suis Paris (I am Paris).  One must wonder how long it will be until French Facebook and Twitter accounts are full of posts labeled Je Suis America?

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