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Radical Islam is at War with Us--Why aren’t We at War with Them?

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The October, 1966 issue of McCall’s magazine featured an article written by Charlotte E. Keyes entitled, “Suppose They Gave a War and No One Came.”  That became a favorite slogan of the antiwar counterculture of the era, even being adapted into a 1970 motion picture.  As with most leftist platitudes, it’s long on feels, but short on intelligence, logic, and reality.  As a simple slogan on a flower-power poster, it’s innocent enough.  When the man who is the designated leader of the free world chooses to govern this nation based upon it, then Americans die.

Once again, evil people chose to kill innocent ones, this time at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California.  A husband and wife terrorist team, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, entered a banquet room at the facility where a holiday party for Farook’s place of employment was being held.  In less than four minutes, fourteen people were dead and more than twenty others were wounded.  

Before the spent brass from the assailants’ rifles had finished rolling across the San Bernardino pavement where they were finally put down by police, the White House was busy drafting it’s latest “guns are bad, mm’kay …” speech for the adoring press.  When everyone whose last name is not “Obama” knew that the attackers were radical Islamists, the President was still treating this as an isolated case of “workplace violence.”  Even as the FBI were classifying the attack on the health-care facility as an, “Act of Terrorism,” the Community Organizer-in-Chief was decrying the, “anti-Muslim,” rhetoric, his term for the warnings of those who place love of country above political correctness and liberal ideology.

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The Sunday following the attack, four days after the world knew the nature of the event and those who perpetrated it, Barack Obama spoke to the nation, finally condescending to use the word “terrorism.”  He did speak of a war on terror, with slightly less passion and conviction than his wife does of her war on school lunch pizza.  While the phrase “war on terror” has been used since 9-11, somehow in the past seven years it has become divorced from the reality of warfare.  Obama occasionally trumpets the words, and sends his drones out to target random terrorists that we’ve been lucky enough to locate, and he believes that this equals “containment” of ISIS.  He talks about how the nature of this war has changed since it began fourteen years ago, yet he fails to grasp the significance of that change; just as he fails to understand, or admit, the truth about his beloved religion of peace.

War cannot be fought Call of Duty-style, with the click of a mouse or push of an X-button.  Drones can be a useful tool in prosecuting that war, but drones cannot seize or hold ground, denying it to the enemy, or securing it for our own purposes.  Drones can’t capture or interrogate prisoners, gleaning useful, actionable intelligence.  And drones, when they kill, do so on the retail level … singly or in small groups.  While adequate when dealing with Al Qaeda, which is structured in small, isolated cells, a different solution is needed to deal with an organization the size of a US Army heavy division.  For ISIS, we need to kill wholesale.

More important than dealing with ISIS, however, is recognizing the fact that, despite the President’s protestations to the contrary, we are at war with a not insignificant percentage of Islam, the radical elements of it.  Not all Muslims are our enemies, certainly … but far more than the tiny fraction that Obama insists are radicalized.  Not all Germans, in 1944, were Nazis.  But we couldn’t defeat Germany one Nazi at a time.  Nor can we defeat radical Islam with pinpricks from drones.  Total war … an absolute national commitment to victory, is what is needed.  This goes far beyond merely putting “boots on the ground,” a tired, hackneyed expression that the politicians, who toss it about so casually, don’t understand.  Since the end of World War II, the US has made a practice of putting boots on the ground … the ground of Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq … without the political will to achieve victory.  Without that, American troops serve only as hostages to the political winds that change with each election cycle.

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However, we have a President who is unable to use the words “radical Islam,” much less formulate a strategy to defeat it.  When this war began, President Bush laid it out as a simple choice: fight the enemy there, or we’ll end up fighting them here.  Thanks to President Obama’s mismanagement of the war, that choice has been taken from us.  We need to be prepared, not only for a war that may last another generation … but to be combatants on the front line of that war.

-Big John

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