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Product Unveiling: Concealed Carry Purse Meets High Fashion

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At Women's Holsters, we are fortunate to work with great manufacturers within the firearms industry to provide concealed carry products customized for women.  While we know there are many great options out there for concealed carry that are suitable for all genders, it is still a great novelty to be able to carry concealed as a woman and have products tailored to our form, fashion, and lifestyles.  

Over the last few years, we've heard women talk about this issue of concealed carry and a popular topic is over concealed carry purses.  While on-body carry is the best option as far as speed of draw and access of your firearm, most women have jobs or lifestyles that make consistent on-body carry infeasible.  It's no wonder, then, that the majority of women are looking for a concealed carry purse as handbags are, for the most part, an indispensable accessory carried every time most women leave the house.  

If you're new to concealed carry purses, you might wonder what exactly makes a purse a concealed carry purse?  The two functional considerations that most concealed carry purses address through their designs are: 1) a way to securely hold and position a firearm in a readily accessible manner so that you aren't fishing around for it if/when you need it and 2) to give you the ability to open and use your purse for its main function of holding your wallet and personal items without revealing to the world that you have a concealed firearm in your possession.  This is done by creating a separate compartment just for your firearm.

One item of feedback that we've heard consistently has to do with the issue of fashion. Many people might roll their eyes at this; however, it's important to note that if a woman is hesitant to carry concealed, for any reason whatsoever, the likelihood of carrying consistently is low, which defeats the goal of concealed carry.  Not only that, fashion is a form of freedom and liberty in itself. When it comes to concealed carry purses available in the market today, the inventory is growing, but it's still pretty limited. 

We had the opportunity to work with a leather craftsman in designing a purse with a timeless silhouette and made of premium-quality materials to address the issue that seemed to recur amongst so many women.  

It took us some time to agree upon a final design but once we did, we gave a sneak peek of the design on our site.  The response that we received was overwhelmingly positive - so for those that have been anticipating and asking about this concealed carry handbag, we are excited to unveil it today!

The Calfskin Half-Tote Concealed Carry Purse

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First, let me say: the quality of this calfskin leather is simply AMAZING. It's soft and supple but firm enough to give this handbag its beautiful, structured silhouette. In this pictures above, the white, fine-grain leather is stunning and the stitching and sealing on the bag are also in the same white color which really gives it a distinctive-looking designer handbag panache.  

There are some subtle chrome hardware pieces with the zippers, D-rings, clasps, and bottom feet which offset beautifully against this clean white profile.  

cute concealed carry purseconcealed carry holster

This bag is designed for an ultra compact handgun -- we designed it this way because we knew that the size and weight of the bag when full was an important factor for women. 

Pictured above, you can see that there is a matching leather holster insert for this purse with Velcro sewn onto the exterior. This allows for the holster to be positioned within the carry pocket in an angle and position that you are comfortable with.  

The size of this concealed carry handbag is perfect for everyday use and for dressier functions.  We called it a "half-tote", but more because of its shape than its functional design. 

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The interior is fully lined in a smooth, dark brown fabric and has 2 main storage areas which are separated by a middle zippered pocket.  There is an additional zippered pocket along the interior wall of the purse as well, which is a nice bonus feature.  There are also 2 unzippered compartments on the oppose interior wall of the purse, perfect for things like your keys, phone, or business cards.

concealed carry totecute concealed carry purses

Then all of the little details of this cute concealed carry purse just put the cherry on top.  The rounded handles are big enough to perch comfortably on your forearm or shoulder for more slender women. The exterior D-rings accommodate a removable crossbody strap - this one comes with a matching strap at the perfect crossbody length.  Weighing in at 1.75 pounds empty, this leaves lots of room to carry comfortably with everything you would want to carry inside your everyday purse. 

We will also be unveiling a sister product in the form of a full-sized, zippered tote using the same amazing leather and craftsmanship as you see here.  

Let us know what you think or let us know what you love about your current concealed carry holster or purse in the comments below - or let us know what features you would like to see in future designs!


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July 27, 2016

I am vegan so I do not buy leather products. Could you make a version not made in leather?

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