Overview and Tutorial: Onbody Concealed Carry Corset Holster - Women's Holsters

Overview and Tutorial: Onbody Concealed Carry Corset Holster

Overview and Tutorial: Onbody Concealed Carry Corset Holster

Hello!  I'm Susan, the CEO of Women's Holsters and Basic Shield.  Thanks for being a fan of our site and for following us on all of our various pages and channels.  
You may have noticed that in the last few months, we've been undergoing a lot of changes with our look and that's because we're aiming to serve you better by making your navigation through our sites much easier.  As part of that effort, we've spent many hours working on free informational resources to you because we believe that, by educating people, we can remove a lot of the fear and misconceptions surrounding firearms throughout our country. We're not 100% there yet, but our team is tirelessly working around the clock to do massive restructuring.  So thanks for bearing with us through our changes!
We've received many questions over the last few months on various topics but the topic of highest interest revolves around concealed carry.  In fact, this interest is at record levels, nationwide and we've written a piece on this very topic on our brother site, basicshield.com (you can read about 2016 supply and demand projections and analysis here). 
The question we get most often is: what is the best way to carry concealed?  Since I've addressed this in several articles in my primer series, I will not cover that in depth here (I'll leave links to those pieces at the bottom of this article and I highly recommend that you read them before you watch the video below); however, if you choose to carry concealed, it is always preferred to have that holster on your person, rather than in a purse or something that can get separated from you, even if only momentarily.  
Even though I am a combat veteran who has had to carry a firearm daily in uniform, I had never been around female-specific on-body holsters.  I try to be open-minded about all things, but I wondered if these lacy things were just a marketing gimmick.  I had even been in the firearms industry for a few years prior to this, and never even thought to try these products.
I met Donna Bickert (owner of Femme Fatale Holsters) at a gun show and was very impressed with her thoughtfulness and even-keeled passion for her products.  She suggested I try them out and so I got one of each item and tested them each out for several weeks in daily use.
This post is a specifically an overview and tutorial of the Femme Fatale Corset Holster. It's a product about which we see the most interest and questions and since this happens to be my personal favorite, I decided to post an overview and tutorial of this holster first.  So if you've been interested in this holster, please watch the video below.
I know that I already mentioned it in my article about on-body concealed carry holsters, but I was very surprised at how comfortable and centered this holster felt and needed very little adjustment time (if any at all) to become accustomed to this holster for daily wear.  
A few very important points worth repeating:
  • Practice holstering and unholstering with your firearm unloaded
  • Put the corset on first before holstering your gun
  • Take the gun out of the holster before taking the corset off

The rest is simple and intuitive and you'll probably be as surprised as I was at how versatile this holster is for daily wear.

As promised, here are the links to my other posts about concealed carry if you haven't read them yet:

And, of course, a link to the product itself:

I hope you found this tutorial useful - please feel free to leave questions or feedback below and keep following us for more tutorials and informational videos that we will be posting very soon.  


-Susan C. Gonzales 


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