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Box Paducah. KY -i September 22, Mr. Robert H. Carl R Froede Jr. Daniell and Mr.

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The terms and conditions pertinent to these are discussed as follows. Under this alternative, the DOE would take no action to address soil and Kenrucky ground- water contamination problems or to minimize further contaminant releases from SWMU Froede 2 September 22 1.

Superfund record of decision: paducah gaseous diffusion plant, (usdoe) ou 15, paducah, ky

It must be noted that potential receptors listed in the conceptual site model currently are protected by the PGDP's water policy, which offers an alternative water source to plant personnel and the surrounding community. With the exception of the TCE degradation product cis-l,2-DCE, these organic contaminants were detected only once and at concentrations less than 20 UgA Cis-l,2-dichloroethene and two likely lab contaminants, bis 2-ethylhexyl phthalate and carbon disulfide, have been detected at low levels in RGA ground-water samples at the unit.

The total cancer risk i. Consequently, a future potential off-site ground-water user may come into direct contact with unacceptable concentrations of TCE. Either technology is expected to reduce the soil contamination to a level that would no longer contribute to ground-water contamination.

The Order is an internal standard, and, consistent with 40 C. The cleanup objectives were achieved at locations 2A and 2A, and ificant reductions occurred at the remaining locations Figure Discrete response actions will be selected and implemented for each source area operable unit, as well as the integrator operable units that are impacted by commingled releases from the source area operable units. Electrodes will be placed at the ends of the area and most likely at evenly spaced intervals between treatment zones to supply the electrical current for treatment.

KY -i September 22, Mr. The media used for treatment may consist of a variety of products such as iron, kaolin clay, and water with the specific treatment medium being determined during de. Substantive requirements pertain directly to the actions or conditions at a site, while administrative requirements e. According to the preamble to the NCP at 53 Fed. Treatment zones are overlapped to address the entire contaminated area.

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These values establish the acceptable amount or concentration of a chemical mat may remain in, or be discharged to, the ambient environment. This primary balancing criterion is used to evaluate the estimated costs of the alternatives. Alternative 1 does not meet this criterion since it does not address the remediation of contaminants in the soil and the potential of the contaminant to migrate to the ground water and potentially off site.

This primary balancing criterion is used to evaluate potential difficulties associated with implementing the alternative. Also, Alternative 3 would reduce potential long-term impacts to the aquifer by treating the contaminated soil. Requirements under federal or state law may be either applicable or relevant and appropriate to CERCLA cleanup actions, but not both. The Phase HA demonstration was carried out on an area approximately 6.

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Nonetheless, DOE Order Hope Datibg talk to you soon. Several organic compounds also were detected at low levels in soil samples at the site, including bis 2- ethylhexyl phthalate, fluoranthene, phenanthrene, pyrene, acetone, and memylene chloride.

Resulting hydraulic conductivities values ranged from 3. Alternative 2 would be technically and administratively feasible to implement.

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If the unit has not reached cleanup levels within two years, the process may be allowed to continue operation Wesst cleanup is achieved. If this is something that might sound good to you please me and we'll set something up. Blumenfeld, CC- 1 0 I P. This remedial action is cost-effective, and it follows the statutory mandate for permanent solutions and alternative treatment technologies to the maximum extent practicable.

As anticipated, TCE did not appear to have been converted to higher concentrations of intermediate chlorinated compounds, such as cis-l,2-DCE or vinyl chloride, but it was degraded to the end products ethane, ethylene, and acetylene. However, if impacts become apparent, due to construction or other plan modifications, additional requirements compliance with the substantive requirements of Nationwide Permit NWP 38, 33 C. No negative impacts on the community Daying environment are anticipated for Alternative 2 or Alternative 3.

The demonstration used a mixture of kaolin clay and iron particles as the treatment zone medium. No adverse impacts to floodplains or wetlands in the vicinity of SWMU 91 are anticipated.

This alternative will provide short-term effectiveness and may be readily implemented. Kevil, Kentucky Prepared for the U.

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Terms and conditions relevant to this categorization include the following. Alternative 3 will also reduce toxicity, mobility, and volume through the treatment of TCE-contaminated soil. Under the DOE's Environmental Management Program, cleanup activities currently are being conducted at the PGDP to address contamination that resulted from past waste- handling and disposal practices.

The requirements discussed in this section will apply to both remedial technologies. Since the alternate water source used by the plant will continue to be used in the future, ground water is not a pathway of concern for current and future industrial workers. Contaminants are treated by passing contaminated ground water through in-ground treatment cells.

Those detected in UCRS ground-water samples include the following: 1,1,1-trichloroethane; cis-l,2-dichloroethene cis-1,2- DCE ; tetrachloroethylene; carbon tetrachloride; Cawual bromodichloromethane; chloroform; and bis 2-ethylhexyl phthalate.

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The pit is approximately 9 m 30 ft from the drop pad. Some examples of special locations include floodplains, wetlands, -i historic places, and sensitive ecosystems or habitats. Appropriate measures would be taken, if the contingency remedy were paduxah, to comply with this ARAR. In the first Kentuckg period, a brine-ice bath was used to chill one cylinder prior to its drop test. During remedial de and remedial construction activities, some changes may be made.

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The depth to water in MW was approximately 11 m 37 ft Kentudky [ m ft axnsl] in May This eliminates surface soil as a pathway of concern for current and future workers. I also love eating pussy out! The Kentucky Air Quality standards found in K.