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Concealed Carry Purses

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If you choose to obtain a concealed handgun license, the most important factor to consider when selecting a firearm and an appropriate holster to safely and securely carry that firearm with you is: will you consistently carry this firearm?

Oftentimes, we’ve heard people recommend large caliber guns as the only effective method to protect yourself in a bad situation; however, this is the very reason people do not consistently carry a firearm – it becomes impractical for everyday carry. We believe that a concealed firearm should revolve around your lifestyle, not the other way around.
For many women a concealed carry purse is a practical and versatile way to always give yourself an option to carry no matter what type of clothing you choose to wear.

Almost all concealed carry purses share the common design element of an easily-accessed, hidden compartment that is reinforced so that your firearm is securely isolated and concealed while also preventing your firearm from being exposed when you open up the main compartment of the bag. And now, more options are becoming available to choose from in varying sizes, shapes, materials, and lifestyles: from high-quality, stylish handbags, to briefcases, to runners’ belts. Even if you don’t carry in this method every day, we think everyone should at least have one to use in a pinch when carrying on-body is not an option.

We stand behind our collection of gun holsters for women because we select only the finest quality purses and handbags that offer the most reliable firearm storage, while maintaining the comfort, grace and feminine appeal that sets you apart.

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