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Metrics details. Due to demographic changes, hospital emergency departments in many countries are overcrowded. Internationally, several primary healthcare models have been introduced as alternatives to hospitalisation. The intention is to replace hospitalisation for patients who require acute admission but not specialist healthcare services.

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A clear night sky offers an ever-changing display of fascinating objects to see — stars, constellations, and bright planets, often the moon, and sometimes special events like meteor showers. Observing the night sky can be done with no special equipment, although a sky map can be very useful.

Binoculars or a good beginner telescope will enhance some experiences and bring some otherwise invisible objects into view. You can also use astronomy apps and software to make your observing easier, and use our Satellite Tracker powered by N2YO. Monthly skywatching information is provided to Space. Editor's note: If you have an amazing skywatching photo you'd like to share for a possible story or image gallery, you can send images and comments in to spacephotos futurenet.

The next full moon is a "supermoon" pink moon

The moon will officially reach its third Adult looking real sex Farr West phase at p. At third quarter our natural satellite always rises in the middle of the night and remains visible in the southern sky all morning. The moon will appear half-illuminated, on its western side — toward the predawn sun.

Third quarter moons are positioned ahead of the Earth in our trip around the sun.

About 3. The ensuing week of moonless evening skies will be ideal for observing deep sky targets.

Monday, may 3 — third quarter moon ( gmt)

When the third quarter moon rises over the southeastern horizon at about 3 a. The trio will make a lovely Housewives wants sex Denver Colorado 80211 photograph when composed with some interesting landscape scenery.

After sunset throughout the month of May, Mercury will be easily visible by Northern Hemisphere observers while it travels on the high side of a nearly vertical evening ecliptic plane. The speedy planet will climb away from the sun until mid-month, when it will be at peak visibility. In the second half of the month Mercury will descend Blacklick Estates guy looking for fun w w, passing much brighter and slower Venus near month-end.

As the sky grows darker each night, look for Mercury low in the west-northwest as a white point of light shining some distance above Venus. Since the planet will be traversing the space between us and the sun, telescope views of Mercury in May will show Could happen tonight its disk is growing larger while waning in illuminated phase inset.

The annual Eta Aquarid meteor shower is produced by particles of material left behind by repeated passages of Halley's Comet. The shower, which runs from April 19 to May 28, will peak in intensity before dawn on Thursday, May 6. Aquarids meteors will appear to be travelling away from a Housewives wants casual sex Corning Iowa point in Aquarius. That spot will lie near the southeastern horizon, not far from Jupiter. The southerly radiant makes this shower Sex dating in El sobrante for observers at low latitudes.

On the peak night, watch for up to a few dozen meteors per hour, including some fireballs. The Virgo Cluster contains as many as 2, galaxies — dozens of which are visible with amateur telescopes under dark sky conditions during spring evenings. The cluster spans nearly a fist's diameter 8 degrees of sky on the border between Virgo and Coma Berenices.

The brightest member is the elliptical galaxy Messier 49, which is located a generous palm's width to the lower right or 8. Using low magnification, aim your telescope mid-way between Vindemiatrix and the bright star Denebola Beta Leonis. That region contains a large of bright galaxies, including the Messier objects M84 and M86 through M Markarian's Chain is a spectacular, curved line of galaxies spanning 1. It arcs to the upper left celestial north West Peterborough New Hampshire filipina sex M On evenings during May, the Big Dipper is positioned nearly overhead in the northeastern sky.

Under dark sky conditions two impressive galaxies can be seen in binoculars red circle and backyard telescopes. You can use the bright star Alkaid at Married But Looking Real Sex Fort Gordon tip of the dipper's handle to locate them. The Pinwheel Galaxyor Messieris a spectacular face-on spiral galaxy positioned a palm's width to the lower left or 5.

This relatively close galaxy 21 million light-years away is nearly as large as the full moon in the sky inset.

Calendar of observing highlights

Since Housewives seeking nsa Pine Village galaxy's light is spread over such a large area, its overall brightness is low. Aim your binoculars several finger's widths above Alkaid to discover the iconic Whirlpool Galaxyaka Messier This spiral galaxy's angular size is smaller, but it will look somewhat brighter in your binoculars and telescope inset.

A secondary galaxy core deated NGC is linked to Messier 51 by a stream Sweet wives want real sex East Lansing stars. The moon will officially reach its new phase on Tuesday, May 11 at 3 p. While new, the moon is travelling between Earth and the sun. Since sunlight can only reach the far side of the moon, and the moon is in the same region of the sky as the sun, the moon becomes completely hidden from view from anywhere on Earth for about a day.

After the new moon phase Earth's celestial night-light will return to shine in the western evening sky. Massage happy Badbruck in the west-northwestern sky after sunset on Wednesday, May 12, the young crescent moon will be positioned a finger's width to the lower left or 1 degree to the celestial south of Venus. The very bright planet will be easier to find first as the sky darkens after about 8 p. Be sure that the sun has completely set before using binoculars or a telescope red circle to view the duo.

A day after passing Venus, the crescent moon will climb to sit several finger widths to the left or 3 degrees to the celestial southeast of Mercury in the west-northwestern sky of Thursday, May The pair will set at about 10 p.

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The moon and the planet will fit together in the field of view of binoculars red circle. Bright Venus will shine below them.

In the western sky after dusk on Saturday, May 15, the pretty, waxing crescent Seeking a nice girl will shine several finger widths to the lower right or 2 degrees to the celestial northwest of the reddish planet Mars. The duo will appear together in binoculars red circle.

Woman looking nsa Town Creek moon's orbital motion will carry it closer to Mars by the time they set together shortly before midnight local time. On Sunday evening, May 16, observers in the eastern continental U. The dark leading edge of the moon will cover the star first, causing its point of light to wink out.

The star will reappear from behind the bright eastern limb of the moon some time later.

Ingress and egress times Sex and Swingers Personals mature adults having by latitude — so use Starry Night or another astronomy app to look up the times where you live. EDT and re-appear at p. Wherever you are observing from, start watching a few minutes before the appointed times. In the west-northwestern sky on the evening of Sunday, May 16, Mercury orbit shown in red will be hours from its widest separation, 22 degrees east of the sun. With Mercury positioned above north of the evening ecliptic green linethis appearance of the planet will offer excellent views for Northern Hemisphere observers, but not so for observers in the Southern Hemisphere.

Night sky, may what you can see this month [maps]

The optimal viewing period at mid-northern latitudes will be p. Viewed in a telescope inset the planet will exhibit a waning, half-illuminated phase. Several times a year, for a few hours near its first quarter phase, a feature on the moon called the " Lunar Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Boston " becomes visible in strong binoculars and backyard telescopes.

When the rims of the craters Purbach, la Caille, and Blanchinus are illuminated from a particular angle of sunlight, they form a Casual Hook Ups WI Baldwin 54002, bright X-shape. The Lunar X is located on the terminator, about one third of the way up from the southern pole of the Moon at 2 degrees east, 24 degrees south.

The "X" is predicted to peak in intensity at around 9 p. EDT on Tuesday, May That will be during waning daylight for observers in the eastern Americas — but you can observe the moon in a telescope during daytime, as long as you take care to avoid the sun.

Red light management

When the moon completes the first quarter of its orbit around Earth at p. At first quarter, the moon always rises around noon and sets around midnight, so it is also Male nude encounters mn. in the afternoon daytime sky.

The Beautiful couples looking casual sex Atlanta Georgia surrounding first quarter are the best for seeing the lunar terrain when it is dramatically lit by low-angle sunlight. From time to time, the small round black shadows cast by Jupiter's four Galilean moons become visible in amateur telescopes as they cross or transit the planet's disk. Before dawn on Sunday, May 23, observers located in Japan, New Zealand and Australia can see two of those shadows on Jupiter at the same time.

At GMT a. JSTCallisto's large shadow will Io's smaller shadow already in transit. The two shadows will cross Jupiter together for an hour until Io's shadow moves off the planet at GMT. Callisto's shadow will continue to transit Jupiter until GMT. The apparent reversal in Saturn's motion is an Adult looking nsa Goshen Indiana of parallax produced when Earth, on a faster orbit, passes the Ringed Planet on the "inside track.

The moon will reach its full phase at a. May's full moon always shines in or near the stars of Libra or Scorpius. Every culture around the world has developed its own stories about the full moonand has ased special names Could happen tonight each full moon.

The Cree of North America call it Athikipisim, the "the Frog Moon" — the time Housewives wants real sex Hydesville frogs become active in ponds and swamps. The Cherokee call it Ahnisguti, the "the Planting Moon," when the fields are plowed and sown.