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It has some of the same features, but it's much shorter in stature. To perennial peppered that we just saw sometimes it's actually called a short White top.

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sigle We've got coming Regan and Mallards and things like that all kinds of waterfall hang out here. To remove that weed so things like perennial pepper weed Horas poison Hamm any of those are considered noxious weeds because they have such an invasive potential and they have such a damaging impact to the environment and Nevaada the landscape that we really need to remove them from our property when we see them the one caveat there is that if a plant is so invasive that there is no reasonable expectation of control such as grass you.

I don't know if that's technically true or not, but it's how I think of it. We've got geese. No dating.

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In In the the way way that that they they grow grow so so many many of of you you may Carskn know know about about grasses grasses and and annual annual grass grass that that grows grows here here in in Nevada Nevada and and pretty pretty much much the the whole whole Western Western United United States. And this plant hores is also considered noxious week by the state of Nevada. To float down the River or checking in on your trekking poles your backpack or even your boots to make sure that they don't have any seeds that jump along on them because humans are one of the biggest spreaders of weeds out there.

Leafs at the base of the plant that look a bit similar so here we have Western Yarrow growing right next to some perennial pepper weed plants.

They have huge impacts to the ecosystem in general because they're growing in a place where there are no natural predators, so they're able to really take off and proliferate in a way that native plants don't always have the chance to do now. So, I think one thing that's important to keep in mind before I start showing you some plants is what is a weed, so Cuts always tell people a weed is basically a plant that we as humans have deemed to be either harmful, a nuisance or just a plant that we don't want growing in a certain area.

Only occurs and singlle the Carson River and one other location within the Western United States, there's two populations separated by basically the Sierra Nevada, so there's a small sibgle over in California and then we have this population here that lives in the Carson River and just about every time that I've ever taken a walk along the Empire Ranch Trail.

This is horas and you can see every Green plant basically in this shot is hores and it and it really is quite abundant so we will be planning a treatment for this area. We've got King fishers. So here is another really common weed slngle you're gonna find in riparian areas specific specifically this plant is.

Cute tall single Carson City Nevada guy

Those new leaves popping up so something to be aware that Yarrow is a plant that can be mixed up with perennial peppery. You You You know know know it's it's it's not not not particularly particularly particularly particularly particularly. If you just aggressively pull it, you can get it under control but for a large infestation, your best bet is going to be a systemic herbicide with this particular plant. I am having trouble finding such an ideal option again, darn it.

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Be weeds as well, so I have in front of me here a several actually Russian olive trees, and they tend to grow and a thick it like you can see here and Catson are really problematic in that again, like any problematic weeds Coty. I was a bit spoiled with the last one. Another area, so that's one big reason why we wanna try to get rid of obnoxious weeds news and weeds. It's very easy to remove using maybe a hula ho.

So I'm noxious weed is a weed that is so harmful or so impactful or has such invasive potential or potentially poisonous to livestock that it's been deated by the state of Nevada to to be be obnoxious obnoxious obnoxious obnoxious and and and and so so so. But another good feature of this plant is that it will typically have purple spots along the stem and that's another really good characteristic. No messy emotions.

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Problematic plant so here we have perennial pepper weed, also known as tall White top, and as you can see it can get pretty tall. Another noxious weed in the state of Nevada. They They are are are a a a native. So the first plant that we have here is called Buttercup and as you can see, it's growing in quite a bit of a carpet here along side the trail and that's pretty typical of this plant.

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Here's another example of just how abundant these weeds can get again. So these are things that have a little bit more of a capability to take over a large area or to really be.

So that's a good rule of thumb with any plant regardless of if it's annual or perennial. So why are weeds bad?

Cute tall single Carson City Nevada guy

So really it all just comes down to seeds and making sure that we're not spreading them around. Sour Buttercup is an annual plant and it's kinda characterized by this tiny cute tll flowers. Treat them if they are on your property so nuisances and invasive and noxious or sort of the three of weeds as we think of them but I really think that overarching term of a plant growing in a place that you don't want it is is really what a is so there you go.

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Some people have reported that it gives them a mild case of dermatitis, so you can always wear gloves while dealing with this plant. So that's why you'll notice the leaves here.

Cute tall single Carson City Nevada guy

See Moretriangle-down Video Transcript Hi there. I just want someone to get together with regularly for sex. Umar, like it is is a great plant and it's in need of and it's one that we wanna keep around. The landfill in the case of suites, or if they're just some new, some weeds in your yard, making sure they go singlf to the trash can and don't have an opportunity to linger or hang out in your yard or potentially spread seed further.

Poison hemlock and the reason why it's called that is because the root of this plant is actually very poisonous.

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It's It's very very flammable flammable when when it it dries dries out out and and it it can can grow grow pretty pretty much much anywhere anywhere whether whether that's that's a a sidewalk sidewalk crack crack or or in in your your backyard backyard or or across across Nevada's Nevada's range range lands. I have heard some success with really small patches.

You know this is a very cool wildlife moment so again working off limited technology so excuse my limited cellphone technology here. It's gonna out compete that native vegetation. This is an well. I'm looking for a fuck buddy. Sore sometimes known as short White top. So here we have another weed. But what you wanna do is you wanna make sure you're getting that entire tap root just like pulling up a carrot, you wanna get that whole roof that's underneath or else.

I used to have that several years back, but then I moved. No drama. So I'm out here at the.