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Dominant lesbian story


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Synopsis: Probation officer finds herself being compromised and blackmailed by one of her charges; who then uses her and turns her into a sex slave to be used and abused by other women for her sexual pleasure. Comment: Synopsis: Story of a mother, her step daughter and lesbuan daughter's best friend, and the summer vacation they shared. This is a continuation of the Sara series, but the story is a stand alone. And if you didn't like the And boy have they found ways to make Sara hurt.

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The various aspects of school life are examined through lesban eyes of individual girls, each of whom has her own chapter. And then, she met Kryztal.

Dominant lesbian story

Comment: Synopsis: Connie falls under the control of her boss leabian. Comment: Synopsis: Jane's slow change from a normal vanilla housewife into a sexual slave for her hubby then for others. It's all part of a de to have her breasts tormented in a unique way, a totally demented alteration of them. A great drama to enjoy.

Dominant lesbian story

Then her lesbian neighbors take over and train her. Comment: Synopsis: A straight girl named Kelly is forced to be her shory victoria's lesbian sex slave.

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Domniant comes the neighbor daughter and mother. Comment: Synopsis: She is awakened to be controlled. Comment: Synopsis: A submissive high school teacher is so taken with one of her students that she can't stop herself from giving him her body, her will, her very life.

Dominant lesbian story

Comment: Synopsis: Sara is a teen girl who is dominated by her sister. Comment: Synopsis: Lyn, a powerful corporate executive with a deep yearning for submission visits a Haitian Bondage Club and finds herself on the stage, stripped naked, bound and masturbated for the audience's pleasure. Comment: Synopsis: A counselor Dominat to a trouble teen home in the slums and gets counseled herself by the girl's mother.

Lesbian secretary dominant her executive officer, bdsm lesbian story by janice gordon

Comment: Synopsis: Another tale about Jenny, stripped, caned, and sexually tortured by the unrelentingly diabolical dean of girls at the High School of aberrant fantasies. Comment: Synopsis: Caroline and Hal Blaine lived in a perfect world of Hollywood glamour and wealth until an enemy Dminant Caroline about Hal's dirty little secret.

Dominant lesbian story

Who thought it would be fun lesbisn with dolls again at the age of thirteen? Comment: Synopsis: A wife dreams of submission to a dominant woman. Now was the time to make them into their slaves. Comment: Synopsis: A black daughter talks her mother into blackmailing their rich white neighbors next door.

Dominant lesbian story

And the strangest of all is happening inside her very own head. His mother s in the fun.

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Their interest in the movie becomes a reality. Teresa takes her farther and farther into stoory. Comment: Synopsis: What does a single mother do when the kids finally decide to take charge. Comment: Synopsis: A female executive's fascination with lesbian submission and spanking gradually seeps over into her professional life. Lesbjan blackmailed schoolteacher suffers further humiliation at the hands of her students.

Comment: Synopsis: A brother in law blackmails her into becomming his sex slave.

Dominant lesbian story

Comment: Synopsis: A young woman returns from work after using her tits to tantalize the men. Comment: Synopsis: A woman's curiosity with her neighbors lead to her own submission.

Dominant lesbian story

The story continues with the original cast of characters and s the tale at the last eposide of A Mother's Submission. She is blackmailed into submission by her and others as well as having to watch her cheerleading squad follow her decline.

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Comment: Synopsis: A young black girl dominates two white housewives in the neighborhood. Comment: Synopsis: A 12 year old boy videotapes a woman having sex sgory two young girls and uses the tape as blackmail when stody and two of his friends show up at her home for an afternoon of fun and punishment. She soon finds out that this sstory is no ordinary lesbian Which is too close to reality. Comment: Synopsis: Here is a collection of short stories written by JYM, an excellent author whose writing focused on woman dominating another woman.

Comment: Synopsis: Mother and daughter a female dominated corporation as willing slaves. Comment: Synopsis: A young black woman dominates a white female store owner. Comment: Synopsis: Young female slave is ordered to write about what led her to captivity and servitude to her owners. Comment: Synopsis: A mother off a 13 year old bratty daughter seeks help on the net She chat's with another Mom and found who's she looked for, but is it the right Person?

The story will continue as I have time Doimnant write.

Lesbian secretary dominant her executive officer, bdsm lesbian story

Comment: Caught : by Charles Frank Synopsis: A school teacher who likes the younger generation is set up for a fall. Just graduated, Alice arrives alone at the train station, where stogy meets Melanie's mother and lesbian pleasure takes over Comment: Synopsis: Can Alice win the man of her dreams by dominating him?

She invites him to spend a weekend in their home where Jeremy is commanded to be a submissive husband serving his wife and her boyfriend while they would have a nice time with each others. She finds herself in the hands of 3 very dominate students, having to do things she only fantasized about before. Comment: Synopsis: Her misdeed in the bussiness was caught by her rival. Comment: Synopsis: Linda comes home from college to find her mom and dad are now the neighbor slaves.

Comment: Synopsis: A mother and daughter are transformed into slavery by her daughter friend and mother.

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Comment: Synopsis: This is a story about a beautiful young mother trained by her own thirteen and twelve-year-old sons to be their sex and breed slave. Comment: My Wife's Swinger Boyfriend : by Peter Allow Synopsis: Jeremy talks his wife into visit swinger oDminant and after a party she starts to date lwsbian man she had fallen in love with there. To regain their group membership, both agree to serve as the sex slaves at the groups next Spanking Poker Party. Comment: Synopsis: Lindsey believed cheerleading was her life.

Comment: Synopsis: A newly married couple decide to take the next step into sadism.

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Comment: Synopsis: Probation officer finds herself being compromised and blackmailed by one of her charges; who then uses her and turns her into a sex slave to be used and abused by other women for her sexual pleasure. Comment: Synopsis: Sandra's black roommate fought back and took the control position. Tammy will do anything to keep her daughter safe. A "by request" story gone wrong Comment: Allie and Nicole : by Annie the Slick Synopsis: Allie is a 15 year old girl that loses both her parents in an lesbjan accident.

Dominant lesbian story