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Discussion in ' Fisher ' started by sgmlawJun 1, Why no Fisher forum? Messages: I have not been here all that long, but have noticed that quite a few posts in the tube forum involve Fisher models.

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I've also noticed several posts in the SS forum discussing later Fishers, both pre and post "Avery". Why isn't there a dedicated Fisher forum here? It seems Mac and Marantz have theirs. There certainly is enough activity to justify a rest stop for Fisher folks. Just curious. Messages: 9, Location: RIP Yeah, what he said.

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Actually I've never minded because I look at other things while I'm here. Last edited: Jun 1, Messages: 25, Location: Phoenix Md. KentTeffeteller likes this. Messages: 12, Location: San Jose Ca. Messages: 1, Location: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Forget separate rooms, we need to get rid of all those extra forums. All the info needs to be central.

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I don't have time to got thru 6 Hot houston women. If it is tubed, keep it here. And SS has their place. Messages: 26, Location: Out West.

FisherdudeJun 1, I think not. So then who gets one? Someone has done the deciding at some point.

Its all up to the administrators seems to me. But how do we the AK membership have a say? Just puting out some thoughts.

Messages: 9, Location: Macedon NY. I don't read any of the brand-specific forums now, even though I do have Kenwood, Pioneer, and Marantz equipment. But Fisher? Might get an occasional visit Tom BavisJun 1, Messages: 4, Location: Woodinville, WA. Seems like numerically it merits its own forum, Xxx swinger and horny female adds local that'll mean one more place I need to lurk on the site.

Some very disturbing 5, eico 4, beer 3, squeezebox 2, pilot 2, sherwood 2, stromberg 1, WAF 1, sex bogen bacon grommes. Messages: 15, Location: Buzzardtown, NC. Just FYI and I realize the vast majority of us already know thisone of the easiest ways to navigate AK is using the Horny ladies Zimnik Semeykina Posts" button in the tool bar above. If I tried to keep track of all the goings on here, any other way I'm afraid it would be nearly impossible.

By checking new posts, I'm able to scan for individual posts that interest me, without the limitation of looking at them one forum at a time. Messages: 11, Location: Las Vegas.

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I like having all the Fisher Louisiana women blow jobs right here, you get the greatest variety of folks checking out the thre. The manufacturer subforums don't get the same traffic that the more general forums do.

Having all the thre here in the tube forum just gives you access to a greater experience base. JailtimeJun 1, I find I can get more info, faster on a specific manufacturer's forum, due to the actual 's of problems of a particular model. Granted, it's brand specific, but some of the stuff from the and also apply to the I'd rather scan thru FISHER Specific Wana lick u bbw Cocoa to glean a bit more info, than trying to kick my way thru the general forum to find 1 itty bitty blurb on a cap for the Messages: 16, Location: Toronto On Canada.

BrianJun 1, I can only add this. With Fisher, you are dealing with what was the largest selling brand of its genre from the late '50s through the late '60s.

Why no fisher forum?

They made overCs alone It may still be the largest selling receiver of all time. Just by the sheer s of remaining examples, there has been and should be plenty of continuing interest in the Cushing OK sex dating.

Although I do think that interest will probably start to taper off in the next 10 to 15 Sweet housewives wants hot sex Oacoma, as that very old equipment base now approaching 50 years starts to further fade.

Imagine being that poor person putting the yellow QC control tags onac cords. Talk about boredom. I suspectCs may be rather optimistic. At one time Marantz at about the time the as discontinued sent a memo to the dealer network saying the had set a record as the most sold reciver in the US. That one I could believe as they were being shipped to stores by the tractor trailer load, especially after being reissued and having the price drop abot halfwy through the production life.

I coud easily believe the C may have been the most numeroous tube receiver sold in the US. Messages: 30, Location: SW Missouri. Sam CogleyJun 1, Show Ignored Content.

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