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I have it here. I'd like to read that. Hugh Delano Spruiell: My wife Janet and her family lived in a little farming community about two hours down the road here below Winchester, a Girltriends called New Market, Alabama, just a place in the road. He served in Korea, had some close calls there. But that story ended real good. PFC Josey, my wife's first cousin, was in Korea.

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Later I went on to be selected to do a talk on this stuff. I just went home. So I got the letter, it says, Greetings, from the local draft board. I won first place in the regiment and then was selected to go up to the second division at Camp Lejeune and do my story there. But the middle one, we left it blank. I did not ever get called back or anything. I would pick up--I would go to the main post to the dry cleaners and I would pick up the fatigues or utilities or the auto drab clothes and the caps and the laundry, and bring those back to the laundry and they would be laundered.

And they organized something called the modified training platoon out at the rifle range. He said, shut up. Nothing happened.

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So I only had two months to go. So Saturday morning they took us to the gym and gave me a strength test, which I passed, and they sent me back to another platoon, a different platoon. We ate cottage cheese and jello and roast beef and tea. Our new persons Sun Vista offers a large variety of activities and entertainment with in door and out door pools, hot tub, pickle ball and shuffle courts. Stayed there a while.

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He said if you leave now, you won't get your third stripe. It's about the size of a dime there now. What happened is the doctors, Mike, looked at all the weight charts of those of us that are overweight. She's the best!

This right now is so timely for this. Hugh Delano Spruiell: Cold war. Girlfriends catering - catering - phenix city, al - weddingwire Business description 2 Girlfriends Catering can be found at 5th Ave September Excellent home cooked food ever time I've eaten girlfriens the restaurant.

So on Monday morning our drill instructors came out and said, we want to see you and you and you. See more But that was a lot of fun, going out in the field at night, sleeping in the pup tents, firing the weapons and mortar.

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I'd go back out that afternoon to some of the other places. I think they called it something different up at Camp Lejeune. Also, I've had their catered breakfasts at Chamber events, fantastic. I have never tasted anything I didn't like! Pheenix I said, sir.

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And we got off the bus up there. Posted by by Sarah on January 14, I've also had their boxed lunches at different events, they delivered to our location and the lunches are fresh and delicious. The heroism displayed by Private Josey reflects great credit clty himself and the military service. I don't remember a bad meal. Michael Willie: Cold war. Posted on May 04, I highly recommend Girlfriends for any event!

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It was so different from boot camp. And I just had taken the test to get my sergeant stripes. That was a lot of fun.

I never remember lacking nothing to eat. Michael Willie: Now, in--is it when you ed the service?

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Boot camp was a great traumatic emotional experience. He served in Korea, had some close calls there. The next morning--we lived in a trailer at Camp Geiger--the blister was about this big, bigger than a silver Girlfriiends and about that high. I never thought we'd be talking about it in this century. Hugh Delano Spruiell: The, this was getting on tono war on that I know of.

It's too small to show on TV. A lot of it's, you fight it mentally. That was always the fear of God.

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Weapons were freezing up. He was on this hill called Old Baldy, and I will read the citation from the President of the United States cjty to him. There was some pretty bitter fighting there. And we had some wonderful news, quote, you guys are going there on mess duty for three weeks, working in the mess hall, and they can talk about GI food.

I would have actually crawled on glass to have gotten out of there. This business specializes in Catering Services and Restaurants. Then ended up over at--that was only three or four weeks. Hugh Delano Spruiell:. We're never going to need this. And they were just about to run out.