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I was still in the process of looking for storiex summer job when word reached my parents that mom's mom, in other words, "Granny" had fallen and hurt her back. I'd finished high school, and though I'd earned a partial scholarship from having played football, it still wasn't near enough to allow me to attend even one of the local universities.

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Still, all in all for a single woman now working it alone, it was a lot of work. But it quickly became evident that wasn't the case. I thought at first she was merely about to scratch one of those sudden itches we all get. Wilkins ogled him rganny and smiled as he storkes with his buttons. Only then did I think to look at the title of the book she was reading, realizing as I did it was some sort of sexy mystery novel.

But always did wonder whatever happened to that damn photo he took of me. I need to drive into town, pick up some new wire for the fences need mending. It was hotter than blazes, which at this time of day, it always had been. Seeing no point in turning the light on, there was just enough light left that I could still see by, I emptied out the contents of my bag on the bed, spotting the ointment and picking it up.

The fact she was still very much a woman, regardless of her age, though even that seemed ridicules a point to consider. At nearly sixty, if she wasn't already, though she'd never say, she wore a pair of Jeans and still looked damn good in them.

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I laughed, "Yep. So I've been trying to be, but it's still pretty damn sore! I took her hand in mine helping her to sit up, her own arms extended, giving me another lingering glance graanny her heavy breasts, though she soon stood.

What it was I'll come get you before then," she told me. In the back, as kids, we had made a small maze out of the old stuff and played there as kids whenever we'd come for a visit.

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It would make an old lady very happy. And though whatever bra she was wearing probably provided them with some much needed support, I had admittedly fantasized about Gran's tits even more than Julie Ann Mobley's, and she had the biggest set of tits in school! If you missed it He almost choked on his rum.

Hot granny stories

Even after all this time, I felt guilty as hell, half expecting her to turn me over her knee, almost wishing she would for as bad and as stupid as I now felt. She had a few horses which all needed caring for, had a few chickens she raised, though mostly for the eggs and once in a while for butchering for herself. But when I went to get it, that's when I discovered it was gone.

I watched as she would at times pinch it, holding it between her fingers and then literally pull on it, lifting it, as well as the heaviness of her breast up and away from her chest. The smile on her face told me she was just as excited to see me as I was in seeing her.

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This at least gave me some measure of security in knowing she most likely wouldn't look up in my direction when the time came for her to do so again. By now I was sitting down in one of the patio chairs again, and she leaned over giving me another one of her patented kisses on the lips. But there was no hope for it now. Stoories I grxnny that was the other reason I couldn't call her that either.

Hot granny stories

I had spent several hours looking at all the women in their Sears and Roebuck underwear, complete with pointed bras and Granny style panties. Neither one of us reacted to it however, though my eyes were certainly and suddenly drawn towards her bare breasts, though it certainly hadn't been my intent. Gran's dark, though obviously well trimmed thatch of pubic hair had drawn my eyes to it like beacon.

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Even at this distance I could see the fullness of her breasts, each capped by a rather large dark colored nipple. Gran was also wearing what she usually always typically wore.

When they were both naked, standing face to face, he still felt a bit queasy about kissing her on the mouth. The letters that were there were from an old boyfriend of mine.

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Hog So, needless to say, I was more than anxious to go up and stay with her at the ranch for a while, or for however long I was needed. Thanks anyway. And most of those had only come from a few magazines. When mom suggested to Granny that I should come up there and help her out for a few weeks, I was all for it. I ducked back as quickly as I had when first peeking in, giving it a moment before daring to look inside again, though I nearly gave up doing that, wondering if it might be too dangerous at this point to continue doing so.

Without help, stoories couldn't hope to take care of the place. With one hand still buried between her legs, the Ho movements telling me what she was doing to herself, her freehand had now captured one of her own breasts which she appeared to be teasing and caressing as she lay there.

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Before Grann knew it, the bus was pulling over, and as I looked up and out the window, I could see Gran waiting for me in her pickup at the top of the mile long dirt stoires leading back to the ranch. She had undone the little knot in the front of her shirt. Though reason told me her eyes gtanny been closed as she came, thus the likelihood of that being remote. The water wasn't cold by any means, but cool enough to feel good, especially with the heat of the day.

It was truly beautiful. But what I did find, was this single old black and white photo of Stries inside. But what was amazing about it, was that she was nude, sitting on a beach somewhere. He moved up between her firm thighs and just touched the edge of her cunt with his tongue. It still looked like the same one that had been there for years. I watched her fingers tweak one of her very firm, hard aroused nipples, pulling on it.

His dick was still quite flaccid, so she was able to get the whole thing into her mouth at once.