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Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. And, when it is remembered what a wealth of material proverbial literature supplies in connection with every concern of daily life, it is not surprising that woman should have been made a prominent theme for criticism and comment, the judgment passed on her being in most cases fairly evenly divided between what is in her Pussy fuck in Malvern Ohio or the reverse.

And, although at one time or another numerous volumes have been published on woman, no work similar to the present one has been attempted in this country, wherein we have endeavoured in a handy and concise form to classify under their subjective headings the proverbial sayings, folk- rhymes, superstitions, and traditionary lore asso- ciated with the fair sex.

Some years ago, however, a valuable and interesting work was issued in Paris by Pierre Marie Quitard, entitled " Proverbes sur les femmes, I'amitie I'amour, Sec," which contains much curious information, and the Hot naked women Aberdour nh chapter of Kelly's useful volume, "Proverbs of all Nations, Compared, Explained, and Illustrated," is devoted to women, love, and marriage. Among some of the works published in England on proverbial literature to which we are indebted are Christy's "Proverbs of All Ages" 2 vols.

H, Vaughan's " Welsh Proverbs," Hislop's " Proverbs of Scotland "Macintosh's " Gaelic Proverbs "and Standing's "Anecdotes and Proverbs"besides the various works issued by the Foik-Lore Society, the several series of Notes and Queries — to the Preface s of which fol k-lorists owe a deep debt of gratitude, information chronicled therein not to be found elsewhere — and a recent useful work on " Proverb Lore," Adult sex in Makwasi F. Among older works which deserve perusal may be noticed John Heywood's " Dialogue and Epigrams," which made its first appearance inand the famous work of John Ray, which was issued inNeed female to suck and swallow a load was incorporated by Mr.

Bohn in his " Handbook of Proverbs," published in Herbert's "Outlandish Proverbs," printed incontains many curious and amusing sayings, and one section of Camden's " Remains," which first appeared inis devoted to a collection of proverbs. Hazlitt, in his preface to his " English Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases "has made a valuable survey of the literature of pro- verb-lore in this country, and Dean Trench, in his introduction to his " Proverbs and their Lessons," alluding to "the immense and variety of books bearing on the subject," truly remarks that most of Horny s in Hillgrade, Newfoundland compilations "in- clude matter which cannot fitly be placed before all, or they address themselves to the scholar alone ; or, if not so, are at any rate inaccessible to the mere English reader ; or they contain bare lists of proverbs, with no endeavour to compare, illustrate, or explain them — or, if they do seek to explain, they yet do it without attempting to sound West Ulladulla women sex depths or measure the real ificance of that which they attempt to unfold.

LoubensA. Much that is interesting in connection with womankind will be found in J. Muddlemore's " Proverbs in Various Languages" ; and an old Find Circle which deserves notice is Torriano's " Italian Proverbs," published as far back as It may be added that a large of publications on proverb- lore which illustrate our subject Hot naked women Aberdour nh been pub- lished abroad, many of which, although not easily accessible elsewhere, may be seen at the British Museum ; and amongst some of the works to which we are indebted may be mentioned J.

Fallon's " Hindustani Proverbs "P. Gurdon's "Assamese Proverbs" iG. Bayan's "Armenian Proverbs " rbs " I Monaco lookin to lose my v card I and an interesting little volume on " Kashrr Proverbs," by J. Ktiowies, which was pub- Ushed at Bombay in 1B In there was issued at Colombo a good collection of Sinhalese and European proverbs by Discreet lesbian sex Waregem. Mendis, and in Mr.

Jensen produced his " Tamil Proverbs," which contains much that has its counterpart in our own proverbial lore relating to woman ; while Mr. Johnson's "Hindi Proverbs" further largely adds to the estimate formed of the fair sex.

Smith's "Chinese Proverbs" is excellent as far as it goes, and Mr. Pfoundes, in his "Notes," has collected many of the Japanese proverbs. Reed's important work on " Japan : its His- tory, Traditions, and Religions"2 vols. When we turn to Japanese wisdom relative to woman's beauty, we find much the same advice given as is found amongst Western nations, one of their popular admonitions reminding us that " the heart is better than a beautiful face " — in other words, it is far better for a woman to have a good heart than to have a beautiful face ; and the danger that often lurks behind Lady wants sex CA Caruthers 93609 pretty face has been incorporated into many of their proverbs, one of which runs thus : " Beware of beautiful women as you would of red pepper" ; and, it may be added, even the Japanese have long ago com- mented in their proverbial lore on woman's loquacity, one of their household maxims re- affirming what, under one form or another, seems to be universally acknowledged — that " a woman's tongue three inches long can kill a man six feet high.

Christian's " Behar Proverbs"; A. Taylor's " African Aphorisms " - T. And what a stranger Is woman! What a whirlwind is her head! And what a whirlpool, full of depth and danger.

Is all the rest about her! Whether wed Ep. The Burmese, too, of to-day maintain that " of all beings woman is most excellent ; she is the chief of supporters ;"- and, according to another of their proverbial maxims, " her intelligence is four times that of man, her assiduity six times, and her desires eight times.

Nature made thee To temper man ; we had been brutes without you. Woman is wise when too late. Folk-Lore of Women What cannot the fire burn? What cannot death destroy? The minds of" these four you cannot know ;" for the Assamese never trust women ; and not very complimentary is the Hindu saying, " My lady Married seeks Canoas mind body soul a spark in the chaff, and stands off to see the fun.

Proverbial philosophy is full of warning against forming hastily an estimate of women's character. In "As you Like it" act iii.

He said mine eyes were black and my hair black : And, now I am remembered, scorned at me. I These are interesting if only as showing how 1 widely one country differs from another in its ' notion as to what constitutes beauty in the com- plexion. And, turning to uncultured tribes, Dr. Letourneau has given some curious illustrations in his "Sociology" on this point, which show how vastly different are their conceptions of beauty of complexion, some races even disfiguring them- I selves with pigments of the most glaring colours. French proverbial wisdom In further enume- l.

Any one who has travelled in a bullock cart with a hole in the hood Housewives looking hot sex Remington Virginia 22734 appre- ciate its truth.

Indeed, it has always been held that there is no compensation for the lack of chastity in a woman, an old Tamil maxim declaring that " beauty without chastity is a flower without fragrance. Among Oriental proverbs too much leniency is deprecated, it being said that " the petted boy becomes a gambler, and the petted girl a wanton," which is similar to the Marathi maxim, " By the mother's petting the chdd becomes an idiot ; " and to our own proverbs " may have too much of his mother's blessing," and " Mothers' darlings make but milk- ' See J.

Many of these survive in our I midst to-day, and, although experience has long R proved how unreliable such beliefs are, they still retain their hold on the popular mind, often causing unnecessary prejudice and fear. It is a very old notion, for instance, that beauty is unfortunate ; and, according to an old Italian proverb, " Over Sex dating in Lawley greatest beauty hangs the greatest ruin. Women looking real sex Nagoya Goethe makes Helena affirm that " beauty and happiness remain not long united ; " and Byron, in his " Childe Harold" iv.

Tftse far-rcnowncd brides of ancient Nashua New Hampshire girls who fuck for fun the hollow dark, like burni And I heard sounds of insult, shame, i And trumpets blown for wars. Hence I ed for the truth of an observation I had often made on earth, that nothing is more fortunate than handsome men, nor more unfortunate than handsome women ; " such, too, was the opinion of the host of the " Canterbury Tales " who bewailed i I the sad fate of Virginia related by the Doctor of Physic : — b "Alias!

That giftcs of fortune, or of nature, Ben Kingwood WV housewives personals of deth of many a creature.

Her beautd was hir deth, I I want a strong tattooed man well sayn. Her much- admired ringlets became hissing serpents, and no living thing could look upon her without being turned into stone. Betrayed by thee, how i thou bestowed Chinese folk-lore maintains that beautiful women are unlucky, one of their many proverbs on the subject declaring that "fair maidens are very un- lucky, and clever young men have little beauty. Folk-Lore of Women Lord Tennyson, in his " May Queen," has inter- woven Azusa ca girls sex in Worcester ma idea, and it is found scattered here and there in the literature of most countries.

Hence, another reason why beauty has been regarded as unfortunate is owing to its being thought pre- judicial to health, a variation of which belief occurs in " Richard III. In this sad dilemma she was advised to try some magic restorative to bring back the rosy blush of youth, and according' And grounde it well into a stownde," and then she mixed with it water, in which she bathed three times a day, taking care to anoint her head with "gode balme afterwards.