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Premium files shares only 1 The archive tier is not currently supported for ZRS s. Azure unmanaged disks should also use LRS.

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Set Retention to the of days you want to hodting data for. The interval between the most recent writes to the primary region and the last write to the secondary region is known as the recovery point objective RPO.

If you want to store the data forever, set the value to 0. Are the applications configured properly? Select the network security group that you want to enable an NSG flow log hostjng, as shown in the following picture: If you cetnral to enable traffic analytics for an NSG that is hosted in any region other than the supported regionsyou receive a "Not found" error. You can evaluate if the volume of traffic is appropriate for a host.

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Expected behavior like front-end or back-end communication or irregular behavior, like back-end internet traffic. If rogue networks are conversing with a virtual network, you can correct NSG rules to block the rogue networks.

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Which are the most conversing hosts, via which VPN gateway, over which port? It then copies your data asynchronously to a single physical location in the secondary region. Are the VPN gateways underutilized?

Knowing which subnet is conversing to which Application gateway or Load Balancer. Additionally, your data is also durable in the case of a complete regional outage or a disaster hostig which the primary region isn't recoverable.

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If you have set different processing intervals for different NSGs, data will be collected at different intervals. Select See all under Application port, in the following picture: The following pictures show time trending for the top five L7 protocols and the flow-related details for example, allowed and denied flows for an L7 protocol: Look for Capacity utilization ib of a VPN gateway in your environment.

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You can create a storage with the command that follows. Usage scenarios Some of the insights you might want to gain after Traffic Analytics is fully configured, are as follows: Find traffic hotspots Look for Which hosts, subnets, and virtual networks are sending or receiving the most traffic, traversing maximum malicious traffic and blocking ificant flows? Once inside Network Watcher, to explore traffic analytics and its capabilities, select Traffic Analytics from the left menu.

Geo-zone-redundant storage Geo-zone-redundant storage GZRS combines the high availability provided by redundancy across availability zones with protection from regional outages provided by geo-replication.

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Where is it destined to? If the primary region becomes unavailable, you can choose to fail over to the secondary region. Is the host expected to receive more inbound traffic than outbound, or vice-versa? For more information on managed disks, see Pricing for Azure managed disks.

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Note The log analytics workspace hosting the traffic analytics solution and the NSGs do not have to be in the same region. Check comparative chart for host, subnet, and virtual network. Why is a host blocking a ificant volume of benign traffic? Are these applications allowed on this network?

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For information on how to check user access permissions, see Traffic analytics FAQ. If you need to upgrade, see Install Azure PowerShell module. If rogue networks are conversing in the data center, then correct NSG rules to block them.

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Is this pattern normal? For more information about regions supported by Azure, see Azure regions.

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Knowing which subnet is conversing to which subnet. Insights If you don't already have un Azure Storage to store NSG flow logs in, you must create a storage.

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When you create a storageyou select the primary region for the. If rogue networks are conversing with a subnet, you are able to correct it by configuring NSG rules to block the rogue networks. Based on your choice, flow logs will be collected from storage and processed by Traffic Analytics. The paired secondary region is determined based on the primary region, and can't be changed.

If the conversation is not expected, it can be corrected.

All you need to know: what is a hostname?

You incur Azure Storage fees for the storage. Geo-redundant storage Geo-redundant storage GRS copies your data synchronously three times within a single physical location in the primary region using LRS. Should you upgrade to the next higher SKU? Within the secondary region, data is always replicated synchronously three times hoshing LRS. Understanding which hosts, subnets, and virtual networks are sending or receiving the most traffic can help you identify the hosts that are processing the most traffic, and whether the traffic distribution is done properly.

For more information on disaster recovery and to learn how to fail over to the secondary region, see Disaster recovery and storage failover. It is possible to create a storage for Azure unmanaged disks that uses GRS, but it is not recommended due to potential issues centarl consistency over asynchronous geo-replication. Enable flow log settings Before enabling flow log settings, you must complete the following tasks: Register the Azure Insights provider, if it's not already registered for your subscription: Register-AzResourceProvider -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.