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I Knew I was in Trouble When It was an unbearably hot and wkfe event, and we were pretty much miserable there, particularly because the venue had no functioning AC and we were both still in our professional attire. Finally we ducked out early, and were both pretty cranky in general and with each other not intentionally. We head right to our usual afterwork spot downtown, and start having drinks. I could tell she really needed sex not with me, I'm a cuck. We started chatting and talking about how, since we're relatively new to this lifestyle, it kinds of sucks we don't really have any "regular" bulls yet to call upon when she needs it which is often.

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I asked, how she made it possible to avoid the fuck?

He said that my wife is beautiful. If any of them Hoot up, we can pretend to be drunk and switch again or we can stop at that point and sleep.

Hot wife sharing blog

It was an wifee hot and stuffy event, and we were pretty much miserable there, particularly because the venue had no functioning AC and we were both still in our professional attire. My thighs were touching her round butts, and my dick was fucking her pussy with full swing. This confirmed that she still did not know who fucked her in the bed.

Hot wife sharing blog

I kept fucking her with full force. We made a plan to do it.

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And, I had my drunk story ready in case she woke up. I slowly pulled her panties down and pulled my bottom down as well. I told him that he could be lucky as well. She suddenly reacted a bit with all this movement. I could see him getting excited, so I showed him the bedroom, and told him to not switch the light on, and just go and sleep on the bed.

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Since I knew where the bed was, I slowly put a bit of light on the bed. This encouraged me and I tried to put my hand on top of her butt. Hence, I was very much reading to share my wife with him if he agrees to try wife sharing Ht. It was only some touching and hugging.

Hot wife sharing blog

We looked it up online together, wondered to each other what it was like. Her but felt round and soft, and this was very exciting.

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It is worth mentioning that my hot wife Lubna is very open minded and we can share anything with each other. I was a bit afraid at this point of her waking up, but Hott that it was my best chance.

Hot wife sharing blog

I told him that my wife thinks he is handsome. She said, I pretended as I was awake when he started crossing limits so he was afraid of getting noticed. I slowly started thrusting into her pussy and she was moaning slowly. I asked her what my friend done with her?

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Then I mentioned that I had heard of a swingers bar not far away. When I woke up in the morning, my wife was already gone wifd the bedroom, so I went to the dining area. Saima told my friend to come to sleep when he gets free. I started moving my hand a bit on her boobs, and got through her top. His wife Saima was really beautiful and I had a bit of naughty mind about her.

After their departure, I asked my wife about the night. Lubna my wife was a part of this plan.

Hot wife sharing blog

I was like in heaven, pressing ass, and moving my dick on her pussy. My hand directly touched her thighs and got a very warm and soft feel to my hand.

Hot wife sharing blog

I sat down and started drinking my coffee and asked about my friend. Me and my friend had almost same kind wide bodies so It looks like she thought I was her husband who came back and wanted some action before sleeping.

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She was enjoying the fuck. I Always wanted to have something sexy between us. I went to the guest room.

I kept fucking her moving my hands between her boobs and ass. I started moving my hand on her butt. I told him that I was going to go the guest room. I was finally sleeping with the lady I dreamed a few times while having sex with my wife. She looked at me and smiled in a naughty style. Sharinh gives us both a chance to explore a bit.

Hot wife sharing blog

So I put my leg ssharing top of her butt while sleeping. After waiting a bit, I noticed that she was in deep sleep.

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I slipped into the bed. She was very much willing to help me in this regard. I could tell she really needed sex not with me, I'm a cuck. I decided to take it further as I though this was my chance.

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It was dark. I bloh for a bit, and once she was in sleep, I came out of the room and went to the bed room to sleep.

Hot wife sharing blog

My name is Sameer and I have a beautiful wife, Lubna. We both smiled and kissed in passion. He got up and went to the guest room. I encouraged him a bit more by saying that my shariing normally sleeps in just one cloth, and it would be a great chance for him to see my wife nude or feel my wife a bit.

Hot wife sharing blog