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By Emma Lord May 21, Some families go on road trips. Other families go on road trips where monkeys end up messing with the commute.

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He struggled his whole life. Get him the hell outta my office.

I want t fuck you in car

You don't fix the lock! But I was still mad.

Okay, let's get outta here. Tell me. I will blow you away! I really am sorry. Oh, man, please.

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Do you feel anything at all? Doesn't realize the guy in the pickup is a cop coming off shift. You guys okay? Ma'am, I'm only gonna tell fick one time to stay in the vehicle.

I got a threatening gesture. Of course, you and I know that's not the truth.

Here you go. And how many cups of coffee did we get?

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I quit. You think we should move again? Sherman Oaks. Let's go, Tommy.

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Flanagan doesn't think anybody has the story yet. I know this guy.

Thank you, mister policeman. One hour. I'm done now. But they usually get stuck in something and stop. Well, it's more complicated than we originally thought.

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Then we're up for murder charges. Keep your hands where I can see 'em, please. You try to cheat me, right? Lara, stay outta the street!

I want t fuck you in car

You thinking about that bullet that came through your window? Did you find your brother?

I want t fuck you in car

Fuck you, man. Which doesn't speak very highly of my managerial skills.

I want t fuck you in car

That's just where I begin to get pissed. Graham Waters. You just give me a minute, all right?

I want t fuck you in car

All right, what have we got? I think we need another take, buddy.