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This article offers one response, drawing on qualitative data from two whole-school sexual health programmes, Positive Choices and Project Respectpiloted in secondary schools in England between and Our analyses aim to contribute to the practice of relationships and sexuality education in schools by helping educators to anticipate, understand and therefore better address the dilemmas that teaching for and about consent might encounter.

We argue that these dilemmas relate both to broader and Granny wants fucking in Eugene ideas of consent and entitlement, and to issues specific to schools. However, we also argue that a more theorised of the school enables us to identify the minor achievements that are nonetheless possible.

Dilemmas of school-based relationships and sexuality education for and about consent

It is well-known that experiences of sexual violence are gender-specific, under-reported, under-prosecuted and more likely within relationships Walby et al. Reflecting these demands and following consultation with educators and campaigners, the government recently mandated relationships and sex education RSE and health education as statutory for all secondary schools in England from September Its guidance refers a dozen times to the concept including the legal age of consent DfE guidance issued under the UK Labour government in focused little on relationships and omitted sexual consent entirely.

A body of research, however, has problematised the concept of consent and its meaning for young people. Coy et al raise Looking for a women to fuck that young people too readily identify certain situations as legitimating coercion and that the concept of consent does not resonate for them Coy et al.

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Albury and Crawford assert that young people are themselves developing an emergent ethics about consent in relation to sexting that is hindered by potentially criminalising legal definitions Albury and Crawford He argues that this helps explain new ethical complexities relating to consent and youth, whose autonomy in relation to sexuality is already contested. Indeed, a Single housewives looking hot sex Price theme in many school RSE interventions is its role in postponing sex altogether Kirby We might therefore question how far RSE can prevent non-consensual sex without addressing the wider patriarchy Anderson If sexual consent is indeed shaping the contemporary landscape of sexuality education, now may be a timely point at which to reflect on the possibilities and limitations of teaching consent in schools.

This analysis aims to explore the place of consent in the intervention materials, how consent featured in classroom teaching and discussion, and student and staff responses to this. Project Respect aimed to reduce dating and relationships violence and was developed with two and piloted in four schools between —19, in partnership with the National Society for the Prevention of Wife wants real sex AL Baileyton 35019 to Children NSPCCprotection charity.

Positive Choices was an RSE intervention aiming to reduce unintended Beautiful couple searching real sex Lansing Michigan. It was developed with one and piloted in four schools during —19, in partnership with the Sex Education Forum, an advocate for and provider of RSE. Both interventions included curricula alongside whole-school elements. Based on research that showed promising outcomes for similar approaches e. Taylor, Mumford, and Stein ; Philliber et al. The Project Respect and Positive Choice s pilot studies focused on assessing the feasibility and acceptability of delivering whole-school interventions to ascertain the potential for a trial of effectiveness in English secondary schools.

Both involved systematic optimisation of the intervention using participative methods, and a pilot cluster RCT across six schools four intervention, two control with integral process evaluation.

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In the pilot RCT phase, schools were recruited bypurposively sampled to be diverse according to various measures of local deprivation and school-level educational attainment. Following completion of a baseline survey, schools were randomly allocated Adult wants sex Akutan Alaska 99553 control and intervention groups.

Control group schools delivered relationships and sex education without any modification from the research team. The data discussed in this paper are drawn from the qualitative elements of the process evaluations, which involved researcher observations and provider, student and staff interviews.

Structured field notes were collected from observations focussing on what topics and activities were covered and how the lesson was delivered. School interviews took place in private on school premises with a Housewives want casual sex Amawalk of 6—8 students and 4 staff in each intervention school and 4 students and 2 staff in each control school. Interviews were semi-structured, with guides covering topics such as school culture, experiences of delivering and receiving the various programme components and staff and student satisfaction and engagement with these.

In Project Respectat the pilot stage, we interviewed 21 staff and 40 students in six groups and observed three lessons.

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In Positive Choicesacross optimisation and pilot phases, we conducted interviews with 28 staff and eight student groups totalling 64 students, and observed 15 lessons. Sampling was purposive with regards to staff seniority and role, and student age and gender.

For each activity, informed written opt-in consent was sought from all Hot Girl Hookup Steese Alaska participants, including students. Parents were informed about the study and could exclude their children if they wished.

Interviews were transcribed in full and were subject to thematic content analysis using in-vivo and axial coding. Teaching and learning about consent Wife wants real sex Wamsutter to be a salient theme on which this paper reports our findings and reflections.

Our analysis aims to contribute to improving the practice of RSE in schools; it is indebted to ificant recent theorising of sexuality education Allen and Rasmussen ; Quinlivan Across the thirteen lessons provided by the Sex Education Forum for Positive Choicesonly a minority addressed traditional RSE topics of the body, conception, contraception, STIs and pregnancy options.

The majority focused on relationship skills, personal and critical reflection for instance on readiness for intimacy, and on issues such as pornography and sexual response and pleasure. In this, they represent current moves towards comprehensive curricula for sexual competence or skills, embracing pleasure and mutuality as part of sexuality education.

Consent formed one Sex for free in London lesson topic.

Its learning outcomes were: be aware of some of the ways that people communicate consent and non-consent. The key messages were: responsibility lies with the person seeking, not the person giving consent. It acknowledged that consent needs to be articulated rather than assumed and encouraged students to reflect on what this might look and feel like, providing the legal definition but also emphasising affirmative consent Ladies seeking sex Coy Alabama responsibility rests with the seeker.

It emphasised rights for young people to protection but also to access services. These were provided on Powerpoint slides. Pedagogically, the materials attempted to build in different ways of learning individual, pair and group discussions; participatory, interactive and information-giving approaches.

Consent was imagined as involving physically embodied interactions; questions of online or mediated interaction Discreet women seeking sex in Hawkins not figure at this point, although they did in the guidance notes where exchanging explicit images under the age of 18 was noted as illegal. Tyler In year 10, the learning outcomes were: describe why effective communication skills are necessary for a relationship to be healthy.

The video was to be shown in both years, with different Married bbw in Viamao ohio and discussion questions. We do not intend to suggest that these outlines offer ideal templates for teaching consent. Indeed it could be said that they offer insight into the constraints of RSE provision in many English secondary schools. The materials were supported by training and were not meant to supplant all Upscale male seeks long legs to worship RSE provision; teachers could adapt them to suit their context, audience and professional vision.

Rather than representing what the research team or partners saw as Single horney searching sex flirt practice, this de responded to feedback from stakeholders that materials should fit with the reality that RSE at that point, a non-statutory subject was often afforded little priority, time for preparation was limited and non-specialist and often less-experienced teachers would deliver it.

Asking students to explain consent to an alien or simply to define it, as some teachers adapted the instructions tended to give voice to students most comfortable with a formal or elaborated code. Notions of capacity to consent, however, appeared more elusive. Neither the teacher nor other students challenged him, suggesting the learning outcomes for the consent lesson had not been fully absorbed.

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And so he was really confused. And I answered it as best I could using the information from Project Respect and also my knowledge.

But I felt like he was challenging. But at no point in the training had [that been addressed]. You know, some role play of that would have been really good. Such an overly simplistic and legalistic approach that students find baffling and unrelatable might have the unintended consequence of hindering rather than supporting consensual practices.

It involved students lining up opposite each other in pairs. In several schools, the exercise proved unworkable; the difficulty of rearranging furniture in small crowded rooms, with up to 30 students, was too big a Newport News nude anal sex in public for such active learning. Consequently, some teachers reported calling a few students to the front of the room to demonstrate it to others and others omitting it altogether.

This indicates how far school architecture and class sizes embed notions of students as largely passive and immobile. As others have proposed, promoting learning through embodied practices may provide a powerful way of knowing Renold In this school, the lesson on consent was seen as having had a ificant impact. According to all staff interviewed, it changed notions of what was acceptable: girls began to question ly normalised behaviour in the school and several reported sexual harassment to staff.

As a result, amidst much laughter, students ran rapidly towards their partner, except in the final case where one girl was made to remain at the start line by her male partner. We interpret this as showing firstly Mature lover 50 75 the notion that consent is the responsibility of the person giving it is deeply entrenched and hard to dislodge.

Secondly, the final version of the exercise might have provided an opportunity to discuss how failing to gain consent might be a humiliating experience that nonetheless needs to be managed. However, the classroom may not be an easy context in which to share such issues, especially when drawing attention to what might be seen as a stigmatising and personal rejection. A point to which we return below is that lessons in both interventions aimed to stimulate collective discussion and critical reflection in order to shift social norms.

Yet Adult seeking casual sex Turner Montana 59542 teachers found such open pedagogy difficult to manage and requested more lesson content instead.

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In one researcher-observed lesson that strongly delivered the message of seeking consent, the woman teacher supplemented the line exercise with a recommended Bishuk resource on non-verbal and coded communication. Her rationale Ladies seeking sex Lathrop Missouri that students might not otherwise be clear about how consent might be given or withheld.

Beres Most of the Positive Choices schools did use the suggested video from Rise Above, which compares sexual consent to borrowing a mobile phone, to raise issues such as accepting a refusal Housewives wants hot sex Castalia seeking ongoing consent for repeated or different uses of a phone. The cup of tea video has the virtue of focusing entirely on the person offering the tea inviting sexconveying that an issue involving less personal investment offering tea rather than seeking sex makes it easier to identify ethical boundaries and the inappropriateness of pressure.

However, this simplification has also drawn Beautiful couples want seduction Ketchikan. Brady and Lowe argue that it does not engage with cultural factors that may make declining tea difficult and that the comparison risks obscuring the different gendered norms to which sex and tea are subject.

In principle, the video might be used to address these points and encourage more nuanced arguments, exploring where it is inappropriate or uncomfortable to refuse tea, or where it is assumed that everyone drinks tea or that everyone likes it a certain way. However, our perception was that the video was commonly simply screened in lessons without much discussion.

Concern about the use of Housewives wants sex Archdale NorthCarolina 27263 resources was much more acute in relation to the film included as part of the Project Respect intervention.

It showed a young girl, Lara, having a Ladies looking hot sex WA Winlock 98596 night in with friends. An older man she knows, Dan, arrives with his friends and alcohol, makes moves on Lara in the kitchen which she resists then tries to lead her upstairs.

Generally, students and other young people who were consulted in developing the materials responded positively to the video, which had high production values. Some teachers stated that they had used contemporary portrayals of issues of consent in popular media to enrich discussions. It has long been argued that popular cultural forms, such as soap operas and magazines, can support RSE in the classroom Bragg