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I say "site" because it is not there anymore. The buildings were abandoned and then demolished, so that now all that remains is a decaying street. Little Lake, however, is still lzke on maps and listed on destination road s. And there is, in fact, the "Little Lake," the Lake itself, that lies across the highway from the village site. Approaching Little Lake form the north, we see foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains on the right and the Coso Range on the left.

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And there is, in fact, the "Little Lake," the Lake itself, that lies across the highway from the village site. After seeing that Hamm's Beer in the Little Lake Hotel so many years ago, and after the conspicuous presence of Hamm's in television commercials at least as late as the 's, I had long been under the impression that Hamm's had ceased to exist. Now I learn that there had been a fire inwhich destroyed the second story of the building.

Little lake CA

None of the others, however, was quite as red as Red Hill, which looks much redder to the eye than it seems in the photo above. The first story remained inhabited for a while. There wasn't much in the way of air-conditioning for cars in those days, and the drive up to the Owens Valley can be a hot one.

Driving by and not stopping, time and time again, is the very reason why the place withered. It waited until July Sharp and Allen F.

Map of little lake and suburbs

I do not have photos in Little Lake itself because I was so shocked and demoralized by what I found, or didn't find, that I did not feel like taking pictures. And the remaining buildings were demolished some time before No buildings. In the 's I remember traveling up to the Owens Valley several times, the last of all in Septemberright before I went away to college.

This picture is from July This does not redeem the death of Little Lake, but it is nice to know that not all memories of childhood are about things that die and disappear. Little Lake already existed from springs, but the Los Angeles Aqueduct project Liytle enhanced the Lake by adding embankments to the south.

Little lake, california map with satellite view

The little lake, for which the town was named, is all that remains. To the east of Little Lake, above Lihtle Lake and helping to constitute the Little Lake Gap, was a massive cliff in what was clearly a formation of deep and multiple lava flows. There seems to be a lot like that in life. It was not marked at all at Little Lake, where access was only obvious from the southbound side.

Little lake CA

I didn't particularly notice Little Lake on that drive either. It makes for the Little Lake Gap. In fact, I think that is the first time since becoming an adult that I was able to see, buy, and drink a Hamm's. History[ edit ] Little Lake was established largely as a traveler's stop along what eventually became Littpeafter the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power dammed the site's eponymous landmark — once known as Owens Little Lake — as part of its work on the Los Angeles Aqueduct in It was just there, as a landmark on the way.

Little lake CA

And then, when I got to the center of town, there was nothing. And if I had wanted to check it out, I didn't see how to get there.

Little lake california

I had just seen something of the sort in Nevada, where "Coaldale," marked on the map, had turned out to be a collection of abandoned and gutted buildings. Little Lake, however, is still marked on maps and listed on destination road s. Paul, Minnesota, and the pawn of multiple Littlw business mergers, Hamm's still exists, with its own fan club and enthusiastic devotees.

Little lake CA

In such circumstances, people might stop for a break, for something to drink, and to cool off. Current State[ edit ] Little Lake, Inyo County, California Though it remains properly marked as a geographic location on a few maps, the entire townsite had been restored to its natural state by the summer of My next drive up the Valley was not until Septemberand I was in for a shock.

Little lake CA

What happened? The other thing I noticed, after having lived in Hawaii for three years, was that much of the alke was volcanic. Well, now I learn that the post office closed in It all seemed very magical and enchanting.

Little lake - california ghost town

And I now did notice that, northbound, the way to get in to the town was to turn across the median. It looked a bit dangerous, but at least it was well marked.

Little lake CA

Little Lake was just the place for that, with the Litfle stone-built Little Lake Hotel. One was that the road, now a four lane divided highway, bypassed the town. Unlike other Ghost Towns, like Ryolite, where something of buildings or ruins remains to mark the place, Little Lake has nothing but the decaying street to show it was ever there.

Little lake

Approaching Little Lake form the north, we see foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains on the right and the Coso Range on the left. As a result, the former alignment that Little Luttle was built on became a frontage road known as Little Lake Road, and the need to access it by leaving US eventually spelled the demise of local businesses. By the s travelers could easily go from Los Angeles to locations in the Eastern Sierra with little more than brief stops for gas.

They were selling Hamm's Beer. While early on the town had a store, auto repair shop and gas station, its most famous landmark was its namesake, rock-faced hotel constructed in