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Males are for this reason expected to optimize the behaviors related to mate location, orientation and copulation.

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Here we discuss the parallel between male mate-finding and mating strategies in insects and optimal foraging theory OFTa class of models which formalize the behavior of organisms seeking and exploiting resources, generally food. Particularly useful for chess problems are:. Matr

Interior Nodes Recognizers Additionally to pruning technics, interior node recognizers are often used to speed up search. Document type :.

Mate 1 search

Very stringent parameters can lead to solutions very quickly and can be extended gradually. As mate searchers are often used to solve chess problems that contain sacrifices, moves where these pruning techniques fail.

Mate 1 search

Males are for this reason expected to optimize the behaviors related to mate location, orientation and copulation. Forward Pruning Mate searchers don't rely on probability based forward pruning techniques known from Matw chess engines.

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Finally, we discuss novel research perspective emerging from the application of OFT to male reproductive behavior. Pruning Backward Pruning Pruning techniques that only discard nodes which wouldn't have influenced the final result anyway. Similar to standard chess engines mate searchers also use mate-distance-pruning.

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Chest offers the user to search checking-moves only, prune if the defender has more than n moves, prune if the defending king has more than n moves or prune if more than n opponent pieces were able to move. If in a line the side to move must be mated in the next move, prune if it can check the attacker and so that there is no way to avoid the check and mate the defender at the same time. Although optimization of the reproductive behavior of males has long been neglected in the literature, recent studies suggest a renewed interest for this idea.

We highlight the different facets of male mating systems allowing such a parallel, and claim for a unifying approach of foraging behavior.

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This idea is comparable to some sound variation of futility pruning. In its basic form all moves are pruned once a depth is reached, if another forced line has been found that has given mate at the same depth.

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