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By Rachel Shatto November 20, When you hear the phrase "physically intimate," what does that mean to you? Probably sex, right?

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5 ways to feel physically connected to your so that aren’t sex

Holding hands Giphy Think holding hands is corny? Make time to connect and cuddle! There was one caveat, however: It had to be under stress-free conditions.

Sure, it can definitely mean that, but really sex snugg,ing just be one of the ways that you express your love and physical connection. You got it — your heart. This is particularly true for people with physical love language, who need to feel physically connected to their partner each day.

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Maybe sex is the most fun way, but it's not always the most meaningful — or convenient. Cuddling is bonding and relaxing.

Mooovie day snuggling and kissing wanted

You gotta love science, amirite? While it may seem like a small thing, these acts of affection are powerful ways to stay connected.

In the video of my first day of kindergarten, you can see me casually lean against my aunt until my entire body is against hers. Here's what the experts say are great ways to be physically close to your partner, besides sex.

What happens to your body when you cuddle

These physical als bolster the foundation to any relationship in a way that sex usually cannot. Hugging and kissing Giphy Never underestimate the importance of hugging and kissing in a relationship. Those two together work to boost your immune system. Even a casual peck is impactful, says Lee. I recommend cuddling to increase intimacy with your partner.

How to initiate the first kiss with someone new

Because it is unexpected and non-sexual, the al is more about caring and affection. By Rachel Shatto November 20, When you hear the phrase "physically intimate," what does that mean to you? How important is physical closeness to your relationship? By Emma McGowan Dec. More like this.

Use cuddle in a sentence | cuddle sentence examples

One study from researchers at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry found that oxytocin promoted sleep in the brains of mice. A University of Toronto Mississauga published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior in found that cuddling more after sex was associated with higher sexual and relationship satisfaction, even three months after the study period. Kisses and caresses shared besides sex boost morale, makes you feel more confident, and builds trust within the couple.

When somebody wants to just have sex with you, you could be anybody. So maybe in order to get this benefit you should make sure not fight in bed?

Probably sex, right? The study also found that effects were more pronounced for women than men and that couples with children reported even higher benefits than childless couples.

How to initiate the first kiss with someone new

So very true. Back rubs Giphy You know how nice it feels when your partner gives you that quick neck rub because you look tired, or tense, or just because?

Cuddling doesn't have to led to physical intimacy, but it could if you wanted it to. But if somebody wants to hold your hand, cuddle, kiss you on the forehead while in a grocery store line — it feels more personal.

What is the physical touch love language?

So grab your comfiest sweats, sink into your favorite part of the couch, put something on Netflix, and enjoy these seven health benefits of cuddling. Watson mentioned, a lot of the health benefits from cuddling are directly related to the oxytocin boost it gives you.

Mooovie day snuggling and kissing wanted

One study from researchers at Carnegie Mellon University found that people who hugged more were less likely to contract a cold after being exposed to the cold virus and that those who did get sick had less severe symptoms.