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By Jennifer Rose Smith. Zero judgment here—we all do it.

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It happens! With just a little bit of resolve, you can regain control over these small moments that have a big impact on your overall mood and productivity. Below are 20 positive, productive, even inspiring things you can do with a smartphone most inside of 15 minutes or fewer. Call your mom.

Text an old friend from college or high school, or camp, etc. Play a game of Wordscapes. Check your horoscope.

Get the scoop on your birth chart, daily Casual Hook Ups Castleton Illinois, and see how compatible you are with friends and lovers alike. Plan your next real or imaginary vacation. Pick the location of your dreams and save any cool spots that catch your eye for future adventures.

That way every time you get a text or phone call your favorite photo of them pops up. Make a Spotify playlist.

Pick an occasion Mount Repose looking for sex mood cocktail party, bathtime jams, rainy-day feels and set about creating the most iconic playlist you can possibly imagine. Go through your library, check out suggested songs, and get inspired.

The 45 pictures you took while trying to capture a tulip fluttering in the breeze? Free up some space on your phone and in the cloud by downsizing your collection. Update your contacts.

Have you ever gone through your contact list and wondered how half of these people got in there? Unsubscribe from mailing lists.

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Free yourself from the burden of deleting 34 s a day! Catch up on newsletters from your favorite publications. Tackle the backlog sitting in your inbox. Do this minute stretch class from Alo Moves. Dust off the cobwebs and move your body with a gentle stretch Masculine needs service.

Color something fun using the adult coloring book app Color Therapy. This oddly soothing app is an easy, entertaining way to pass the time.

Make a seasonal Pinterest food board. Is it just me, or is there something deeply relaxing about scrolling through recipes and picking out a weekly menu? Do this free minute meditation from Hepace.

6 things you need to do before selling your android phone

Quickly cself and focus your breathing with a short meditation. Divorced couples looking xxx dating just sex on your geography skills or art history, or foreign language with Brainscape. Flashcards for adults, need we say more? It respects her memory while also remaining impartial, historically accurate, and best of all, deeply entertaining.

The brilliant writer weaves her personal experiences within the larger national issues of the late s.

1. back up your data and settings to your google

Take advantage of your subscription and put that mind to work with this classic crossword puzzle. Play a game Sex personals OH East rochester 44625 chess. This post was originally published on January 20,and has since been updated. Loved this post? Pin this graphic to come back to it later. I love this post. Jennifer Rose Smith. Shop Recipes.

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Mind Read on to discover 20 smart ideas for things to do on your phone other than scrolling. Leave a Reply Cancel. Subscribe Are You On the List? The good life, straight to your inbox.

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