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Games Think you know the real CIA? Secret gadgets? Sneaking around in trench coats? Danger around every corner? Pigeons as… spies?!

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Everyone has a wild phase in college, right? Too bad we don't even know the criteria for ending up on the watchlist.

Actually, the NSA knows they gettingg calling each other pretty regularly before you broke up, too. Ugh, another rough night. I mean, it's starting to seem like all of the normal activities you do online or on your phone every day could be spied on by the NSA, even though you haven't actually done anything wrong!

That's when Congress quickly shuffled the Patriot Act including Section into law. It might also think it can get records of which web s you visited. Apparently it's for national security, though a presidential review board found there was no evidence at oNt that the NSA's massive surveillance program has ever made a substantial impact in any terrorist investigation.

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Your niece loves that "Let it Go" song from Frozen — sometimes she calls you to sing it to you. How do they even justify this massive intrusion into your life? Guess what?

Reasons why section needs to go away

But you're not a bad person! It allows the NSA to link you to Jack's new "friends" for years to come. That we'd rather not have the NSA know about. Noy course the NSA could track your call to your therapist, and your prescription for anxiety pills.

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Since you're never far from your cellphone, the NSA could come along for the ride. The NSA knows you called your boss; unclear if your boss actually believed you were late because of train delays.

Not getting enough need nsa fun

And those activities might not paint a very flattering picture at the moment. Pigeons as… spies?!

Data encryption standard

Under Sectionthey can track your financial records without getting a warrant. Good thing you called your therapist and scheduled an emergency midday session. Oh, Nkt speaking of… That call your ex made that one time to the abortion clinic? Say NO to government spying.

Not getting enough need nsa fun

Ex-girlfriend's abortion clinic call! And good thing the NSA is keeping logs of all those calls.

Not getting enough need nsa fun

And that Great American Novel you were writing on your laptop — that one about that guy who leaves it all behind and sets out on a road trip with his parrot in a quest for higher consciousness — it's starting to feel like naa digital is safe from surveillance these days. Sounds like every branch of government thinks it's a bad idea.

Def - ufla

That date was a total disaster. Why would we agree to give this law five more years? Hmmm, maybe he actually read the whole thing. The government officials then use the information we provide to help them make policy toward other countries.

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Under Sectionthe NSA may also be collecting hotel records. They know more about you than your therapist does! Do you really want the NSA to know that you enougb got the last batch a week ago and already need a refill? President Obama's review group found NSA mass surveillance under Section ineffective in stopping terrorism. Glad you're making new friends in your time of need.

Hit snooze too many times on the alarm clock? Sure, why not! Let's do some fun NSA "two hop" math: if you have contacts, and those folks have contacts, that's sna, people. After all, if we don't call our nearest and dearest to say hi, the crack phone surveillance team at the National Security Agency might get bored.

Except you told your boss you have an off-site meeting. Aunt Sue from Wisconsin called to ask about your breakup she had high hopes for you two! Tell Congress.

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Truman and the National Security Act of He's threatening to stop calling his doctor and now your mom is freaking out too. Jack says it's time for you to jump back in the saddle and try some online dating. By now your whole family is worried you're having a nervous breakdown. And enoguh what he was most worried about?

Don't think your wild phase in college should be fair game for NSA databases? Every single one.

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We have kids and pets, we exercise, watch movies, eat out, spend time with friends, and do volunteer work. Don't think the NSA should have access to your financial records without a warrant? That book doesn't exist. Which you most certainly are not. Abuse of power is abuse of power, and you probably wouldn't want nza spying even if you were having the best day ever.