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Today's dating world seems to get increasingly complex as time goes along. With no strings attached NSAfriends with benefits, and people cheating it's no wonder that some people choose to try and avoid all the extra drama by opting to go for open relationships. In theory, open relationships sound like the perfect out for couples who aren't hung Glasco KS sex dating on monogamy.

In many ways, everyone involved gets to have their cake and eat it too, but there are some big factors that shouldn't be overlooked.

Juggling just one relationship, your profession, your time, and the other aspects of your personal life is tough enough. Here are 5 ways open relationships can hurt you.

Nsa for open marriage relationship

Unless you're rich or always the one on the receiving end of things, your wallet is going to feel the pressure of having more than one ongoing relationship. There are only so many hours in the day. Deciding where to spend your free time can become an issue.

With more than one partner, you have to for a of different scheduling issues. It's hard enough to make time for one person so, you could end up spreading yourself thin.

Somebody is going to miss out on spending time with you or vice-versa. Having sex with multiple partners creates a web of people that are sexually linked together.

Should i be with someone who’s in an open marriage?

That increases your chances of contracting sexually transmitted infections. No matter how much you remind yourself that you're in an open relationship, if you really care for someone jealousy is bound to creep in at some point. You might not act on it, but you still feel it.

It's debatable if open relationships are actually a real thing because it's more difficult to build strong relationship bonds. There is never a real guarantee that your partner is officially yours at the end of the day. That would make your "relationship" fall under NSA or friends with benefits, which obliterates the whole "open" theory.

5 disadvantages of being in an open relationship

You'll spend more money. Comedy Central, Marobru Inc. Deciding who to spend your time with is difficult.

A higher risk of contracting STI's. Jealousy is bound to happen. Are open relationships a real thing?