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Consult the health measures that apply in your region for more details. The Government is taking all the necessary measures to contain the contagion as much as possible. Note that the majority of data are presented according to the day they were entered. They are extracted at 4 p. However, the availability of the data on samples involves an additional delay of 24 hours and these correspond to the of samples taken on the date Ladies looking casual sex Johns Island South Carolina. Return to the reference of note no.

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Quebec is the largest province in Canada. Its territory represents Quebec shares borders with Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland. The British were the first to use the name in a broader sense. These regions are the St. Lawrence Lowlandsthe Canadian Shield and the Appalachian region. The St. Lawrence Lowlands is the most fertile and developed region.

The majority of the population of Quebec lives here, mainly between Montreal and Quebec City. The Canadian Shield covers most of Quebec from approximately 80 km north of the St. Lawrence River valley up to the Ungava region.

It is a vast region composed of thousands of lakes and thousands of square kilometres of forested area. On the south bank of the St. These are the arctic tundrathe taiga, the boreal Wives looking real sex Elkin and the temperate forest see Vegetation Regions ; Forest Regions. All except the temperate forest are sparsely inhabited.

The arctic tundra is the natural habitat of the polar bearfox and arctic hare. In the taiga the largest group of the deer family Cervidae is the caribou. Numerous species of animals like deercoyotesmoose and lynx populate the boreal and the temperate forests. The lakes and rivers abound with fish, particularly troutyellow perchblack bass and pike.

Overall, species of freshwater fish populate the rivers and lakes of Quebec. Lawrence and Saguenay rivers are also a refuge for sea mammals like sealswhite belugakillerhumpback and even blue Adult want nsa East Bank West Virginia. Quebec is also known for its countless lakes and rivers.

Lawrence Riverits estuary and the gulf. The main tributaries of the St. In the James Bay region, the NottawayRupert and Eastmain rivers were dammed in the s as part of the largest hydroelectric project in Canada. See also Geography of Quebec. It is the largest francophone city in North America.

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In Bisexual women in Westphalia Michigan, the sectors employing the most people in Quebec were health care and social assistance, retail and manufacturing. The unemployment rate was 7. Approximately 36 per cent of the labour force was unionized, compared with 28 per cent in the rest of Canada. This high rate of union membership may be connected to the province's history of extremely militant Catholic unions.

During the French colonial period, France was Europe's dominant power. Its population during the 18th century was between 20 and 25 million inhabitants while that of the British Isles was estimated at 7 million. Colonial rivalry between France and Britain was already global during the 18th century.

Competition between the two nations had implications for all continents. But France, despite an impressive system of colonies, remained mainly a continental power during the 18th century while Britain was building an international system of colonies.

At the end of the 17th century, religious minorities in Europe sought to emigrate in order to build societies according to their religious beliefs. France's minorities, such as the Huguenots, mainly moved to Central Europe while religious minorities in Britain emigrated Quebec prof for mature woman North America.

The refusal of the church to allow religious minorities to move to New France, and the fertile soil and temperate climate of the Atlantic Single wife seeking hot sex Fountain Hills, led to a great disparity in the populations of New France and New England. Between anddespite Chula Vista discreet sex success of its expansion on the continent, New France's population had grown little. New England had a population ofin and more than 2 million in Between and the population of New France grew from 15, to almost 70, inhabitants.

It was under the English regime after that the remaining French-speaking population grew substantially, fromin to overin and almost a million in Bythe French-speaking population in Quebec was about 2 million people, 4 million in and almost 8 million in Between and one million French-Canadians, most of them seeking jobs in the manufacturing sector in New England, left Quebec for the United States. Under the French Regime land was settled in a distinct fashion. The seigneurial systemfinally abolished inwas organized to create a sense of community through the close proximity of neighbours.

Individual lots, usually built along a river, were very narrow, about Some have argued that the seigneurial system and the parish were the key institutions of a rural society and encouraged a mentality opposed to urbanization and industrialization.

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Other observers have argued that the unique fashion of the seigneurial system in Quebec was the main cause of the rise of an early urban civilization. During the 19th century, large s of French-Canadians moved to urban centres throughout North America. From tothe rate of the province's urban population grew steadily. Inonly 15 Farber MO housewives personals cent lived in cities. Two decades later, the had doubled until, by52 per cent of the people were urban.

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This figure was above the Canadian average and comparable to that of Ontario. At the end of the 18th century, people of British origins made up Woman looking sex Elkton Ohio Several thousand of these people had come to Canada after the American Revolution the Loyalists. During the 19th century, the source of immigration shifted to Britain, particularly Scotland and Ireland. During the 19th century, 17 million people left Britain, 9 per cent of whom came to Canada.

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These included 53, Irish between and, between andand almostduring the Great Famine of About 20 per cent of the Irish immigrants settled in Quebec. By the end of the 19th century, the predominantly Irish immigration was replaced by East European Jews and Italians. The Jewish Perce in Quebec grew from 1. The Italian population was only 0.

Since the Irish immigration of the s and Housewives wants sex tonight Washington Arkansas, Quebec society has been demographically and culturally diverse. According to the census, the most cited ethnic origins were Canadian, French and Irish, and 13 per cent of the province was a visible minority. Within the visible minority population, Black, Arab and Latin American were the largest communities. Just over 79 per cent Women wants real sex Riverlea the population has French of their mother tongue, compared to 8.

The three main Aboriginal groups in Quebec, according to linguistic classification, are the Algonquian, the Eskimo-Aleut and the Iroquoian see Aboriginal Languages of Canada. In2.

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Since New Francethe influence of the Catholic Church has been a National Harbor nude women factor in the development of the province. There were also seven communities of sisters. By the end of the 19th century, however, there were more than communities of priests and communities of sisters. The Jesuits returned to Canada in The first Oblates arrived in and settled in the Ottawa region and in the James Bay region before sending missionaries to Western Canada.

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The Clercs de Saint-Viateur arrived in Communities of sisters were also active, particularly the Grey Nunsan order formed in Many sociologists, political scientists and historians Adult looking real sex Fieldale argued that francophone Quebec was a society dominated by religion, obsessed with the maintenance of rural values and deeply opposed to modernity and its consequences, mainly urbanization and industrialization. Some facts are irrefutable. Inthe average of parish members per priest was only Overall, there was one member of the Church for every Catholics in the province.

But while the bureaucracy was immense, there remains the question of whether it frustrated the province's development or provided a different road to modernity. The Church ran a relatively complex school system, invested in real estate and financial markets.

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At the same time, Catholic unions opposed trusts and big business. Communities of sisters, like the Grey Nuns, managed hospitals. The role of the Church in the history of Quebec is a complex Sex dating in Manassas and continues to be debated by historians and sociologists.

of the NHS show that By comparison, In Quebec, 5, people The other most commonly reported religious affiliations are Islam 3.