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The police may request a medical evidentiary exam. A reporting individual may choose to report the assault and then later choose not to pursue the criminal case. Time is a critical factor for evidence collection and preservation.

To preserve evidence of the assault:. If the reporting individual has already cleaned up from the assault, the crime can still be reported and the police will take a report to investigate.

Note that these hotlines are for crisis intervention, resources, and referrals, and are not reporting mechanisms, meaning that disclosure on a call to a hotline does not provide any information to the campus. Reporting individuals are encouraged to additionally contact a campus confidential or private resource so that the campus can take appropriate action Naked Thailand housewives these cases.

Preserving Evidence Time is a critical factor for evidence collection and preservation.

To preserve evidence of the assault: Obtain necessary medical treatment. Ideally a survivor reporting individual of sexual assault should not wash, douche, brush teeth, use the toilet, or change clothing prior to a medical exam. Do not straighten up the area where the assault took place.

The reporting individual should keep a journal of everything that occurred, including dates, places and times of events. Options for Confidentially Disclosing Sexual Violence Policy: To confidentially disclose an incident to one of the following college officials, who by law may maintain confidentiality, and can assist in obtaining Woman wants nsa Altoona Wisconsin Counseling Office, Floor LL, Roomx, To disclose the incident to one of the following Nyack College officials who can offer privacy and can provide information about remedies, accommodations, evidence preservation, and how to obtain resources.

These Nyack College officials will disclose that they are private and not confidential resources and they may still be required by law and Looking for a BBW for NSA sex College policy to inform one or more Nyack College officials about the incident, including but not limited to the Title IX Coordinator.

They will notify reporting individuals that the criminal justice process uses different standards of proof and evidence than internal procedures, and questions about the penal law or the criminal process should be directed to law enforcement or the district attorney. New Jersey S. Reports will be investigated in accordance with Nyack College policy.

State police hour hotline to report sexual assault on a NY college campus: You may withdraw your complaint or involvement from the Nyack College process at any time.