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City Gabriels
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Diablo Rojo or a big truck, usually coming in your direction.

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Baldhead, skinhead the overall meaning, not the specific group. I'm angry. Battery acid is sometimes added to accelerate the fermentation process, found in the country side of Panama.

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In construction work el borriguero is the person who does all the hard work. Disrespectful way to say gay cueco-male or lesbian cueca-female. No goodbyes or any idctionary formality, just the sound of the phone being hung up. Example: "Ese man esta en Bosnia". Same concept as saying "fudge" instead of "fuck". From Arabic "fulus" a small amount of moneyMaltese "flus" money. Originates from the English "Cheese Whiz".

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Run, here come the policemen! Usually pronounced "chee-WEE".

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Nappy hair. Used to refer to someone that is very well dressed. Middle of nowhere.

Example: Vamos pa' mi chantin Let's go to my house. Also can be refer as lame product. Ex: Chifea ese awebao see awebao que es un loser - Don't invite that guy because he is a loser.

Literally "Long field. Commonly used as a nickname for balls testicles. The literal meaning is "chop [of meat]," but a very eictionary euphemism for "chucha.

Cuara is derived directly from the English word "quarter". This word can be used in dozens of connotations. As in Estas bien chapot.

Term of cocoa and bochinche hey te tengo una cinta! Extremely curly hair.

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To grow discord; to cause strife between two persons. Literally "House of the ass.

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Party animal. Jump to Drugs slang: what police must learn - I to Q Police officers are being issued with a list of almost 3, slang words and phrases associated with illegal drugs, in order to stay one step ahead of criminals.

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Yegate a mi chantin. Translates to "egg-heater" or "egg-warmer". See "chakalito". Diablo Rojo or a big truck, usually coming in your direction.

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Beware, they can kill you. When something is not right.

The origin of this word is said to have come from the voyagers who traveled with Christopher Columbus, whose Spanish name is Cristobal Colon. Literally "shrimp," but derived from the English "come around. The stereotype usually involves and individual that listens to reggae dancehall music or reggaetonwears gold teeth, gangsta clothing reccently also swagster style, dicyionary a mix of punk hairstyling and lives a "thug life".

A chamois. Referring to extra thick eyeglasses.

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Someone from the ghetto often used Pirmo a stereotypical, pejorative way. When a person is talking a lot, excessive "ex. Hey, I have a story!