Femme Fatale Ankle SoxXx (For Him or Her) - Women's Holsters


Femme Fatale Ankle SoxXx (For Him or Her)


Noir - Black
Blanc - White
Au Naturale - Tan
Thumb Break

The absolute best Ankle Holster for versatility. This wide elastic holster features a pocket that securely holds your handgun. Simply slip it on the same way you would a sock.

 This Ankle Holster's wide, 5" pocket accommodates a variety of handgun frames and allows for ambidextrous wear. The design also allows for the weapon to be positioned so that it is within the contour of your leg for more complete concealment.


  •  A hidden plastic shield between ankle and gun provides additional comfort and prevents chafing.
  • This holster is available with and without a thumb break.
  • Ambidextrous
Sizes available: XS(8.5"), S(9"), M(9.5"), L(10"), XL(10.5"), XXL(11"), and XXXL(11.5")

    Sizing: To determine your size, measure directly above your ankle bone. Round your measurement UP to the nearest half inch. (Gentlemen, please add an additional half inch to your measurement, unless your foot is narrow)

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