Femme Fatale Garter Holster - Women's Holsters

Femme Fatale Garter Holster


Risque - Nude / Black
Bare - Tan / White
Aqua - Blue
Fuschia - Hot Pink
Au Naturale - Tan
Noir - Black
Blanc - White
Blush - Pink
Grape - Purple
Lipstick - Red

Femme Fatale’s sheer lace garter holster is ideal for the most concealed of carries. The garter includes silicone grips at the top and bottom of this garter gun holster to ensure it holds snugly in place. A generous 5" pocket allows for versatile and discreet carry.

This can also be worn as functional garter to hold cell phones and/or lipstick.

Details & Care

  • Available in S(16"-17"), M(17"-18"), L(19"-20") and XL(21"-22") sizes.
  • Colors: Au Naturale, Noir, Blanc, Blush, Grape, Lipstick, and Risque.
  • Draw: Comes in left handed and right handed draw options.
Sizing: To determine your Garter Holster size, use a measuring tape to measure around your thigh, 6 inches below the very top of your thigh. Find the size that matches your measurement.

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