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Femme Fatale Hipster Holster

Au Naturale - Tan
Noir - Black

When your pants don't have belt loops or wearing a belt is not an option for a hip holster, the Femme Fatale Hipster Holster is the perfect concealed carry holster for women who seek an on-body carry solution but might not be comfortable with a thigh or corset holster.  


  • Beautiful embroidered lace covers 3" wide flat, knitted elastic which fits comfortably on the hips, while still adding an additional touch of femininity with its scalloped edges. 
  • Wear inside or outside the waistband. A 7" wide pocket is designed with concealed carry guns in mind and can accommodate a variety of guns, but ideal for an ultra compact handgun like a Sig Sauer P238/P938, Ruger LCP, etc.
  • Wear inside the waistband or outside the waistband, strong side or cross draw, small of back, or back hip.
  • Secured by a choice of 3 rows of hook-and-eye closures, this holster will fit around your hips or even your waist, giving you versatility on where you want to position your firearm.  
  • Because this is minimal profile holster, a velcro retention strap secures the grip in place, insuring the gun stays in put, even when you bend or move around. 
  • The pocket also has a 2" muzzle port on either bottom edge, allowing for ambidextrous draw and a variety of gun positions -- flip the gun upside down to wear on the back flank or in the small of the back. The unique construction of the pocket lets you carry at an angle that is more comfortable. 
  • The pocket features a moisture barrier on the inside of the pocket (body side). 

Sizing: To determine your Hipster Holster size, use a measuring tape to measure your hip circumference just above the hip bone.  Round your measurement down to the nearest even number.  This is your size.

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