QuickShot Lock - RFID Quick Access Shotgun Safe - Women's Holsters

QuickShot Lock - RFID Quick Access Shotgun Safe


The QuickShot Lock is the perfect solution for quick and easy access to your home defense shotgun. Instead of keeping a loaded shotgun in your bedroom closet or in your safe-vault in the basement, now you can keep it exactly where you want it knowing it is locked, safe and secure. The RFID locking system prevents access from anyone that does not have a unique RFID “key”. The lock opens instantly with a wrist band, RFID card, token or FOB. The lock mounts to any wall in any home or office.


  • Keyless entry – uses RFID lock for quick & easy access
  • No combinations to remember
  • Easily mountable to any wall or door
  • Made in USA


  • 1 ea QuickShot Lock
  • 2 ea RFID credit cards
  • 1 ea RFID key fob
  • 1 ea RFID token
  • 1 ea back-up battery pack

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