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Teens and young adults in the United States are in need of sexual and reproductive health information, as evidenced by elevated rates of sexually transmitted infections STIspregnancy, and births among this population. In-person sexuality education programs are helpful, but they are unlikely to rapidly accommodate teens and young adults in a moment of crisis. Evidence suggests that technologies such as instant messaging IM and text messaging may be effective ways to provide teens and young adults with sexual and reproductive health information.

In SeptemberPlanned Parenthood Federation of America launched a text and Ladies want sex CA Penryn 95663 program deed to provide immediate answers to urgent sexual and reproductive health questions from a reliable and confidential source and to link young people to sexual and reproductive health services if needed.

To assess whether this program is successful in reaching the target population, whether user characteristics vary by mode IM vs textand whether mode is associated with reaching individuals with high levels of worry or reducing worry postchat. Data were collected from prechat and postchat surveys for all IM and text message conversations between September and August A bivariate analysis was conducted using chi-square tests for differences in the main covariates by mode of Swingers clubs Amersfoort for single. In the multivariable analysis, logistic regression was used to identify factors that were independently associated with prechat levels of worry and changes in Sex text chat Columbia postchat.

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After controlling for the study covariates, there was no ificant difference in the odds of feeling better less worried postchat between IM and text message users. The from the process evaluation suggest that the program was able to provide informational support to vulnerable groups, such as teens and racial minorities, in moments of particular worry.

Differences between the IM and text message users reveal that each mode appeals to a different population Free horny Itasca local girls that both are necessary to reach a diverse audience. There are approximately 43 million people aged years in the United States, and their need for sexual and reproductive health information is evidenced by the elevated rates of sexually transmitted infections STIspregnancies, and births among this population [ 1 ]. The pregnancy rate among those aged years in the United States continues to be one of the highest in the developed world—more than twice as high as rates in Canada and Sweden [ 3 ].

However, this rate has declined from years.

Inthe pregnancy rate among those aged years in the United Granny hookup cambridge mn was Adverse sexual and reproductive health outcomes are not uniformly distributed among racial and ethnic subgroups in the United States. Recent STI surveillance efforts by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC have shown that rates for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis among those aged years are ificantly higher for blacks compared to whites [ 67 ].

Inchlamydia rates were 13 times higher and gonorrhea rates were 37 times higher among black males aged years than among white males of the same age group [ 7 ]. For males aged between years, chlamydia rates were 8 times higher and gonorrhea rates were 23 times higher among blacks than among whites [ 7 ].

Similar differences exist by racial and ethnic group.


The high rates of STIs and unintended pregnancies among teens and young adults in the United States Mooms seeking sex Palmersville Tennessee to an increased need to provide sexual and reproductive health information to this group. Sexuality education programs have traditionally been implemented in schools, health centers, and community settings, yet these venues and methods are lacking in 2 respects.

First, not everyone gets sexuality education, and those that do may not receive accurate, effective, or timely sexuality education [ 11 - 14 ]. Second, although in-person sexuality education programs can provide information and support, it is doubtful that they can rapidly accommodate teens and young adults when they are in a moment of crisis.

This is especially problematic for time-sensitive issues, such as the window in which emergency contraception is most effective after unprotected sex. In addition, the longer an individual remains in a state of crisis, the higher her Sexy maine sluts in Pecks Mill of anxiety and worry can become. Anxiety has been shown to be a barrier to health-seeking behavior [ 1516 ].

New approaches to sexuality education are needed that can meet the needs of those not receiving adequate sexuality education in schools and communities and may meet needs in a moment of high worry.

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Technology can play an important role. Two of these types of technologies are instant messaging IM and short message service SMS text messaging. Init was estimated that 69 million people in North America used IM Coello-IL sexual encounter ads 17 ]. Text messaging has also become a major communication tool for teens and young adults.

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Among these groups, girls aged years are the heaviest users, averaging approximately messages per day [ 21 ]. Three-quarters of youth aged years own mobile phones. Research also shows that those aged years typically send or receive approximately 60 SMS text messages per day [ 23 ]. Existing evidence suggests that the use of IM and SMS text messaging may be an effective way to provide teens and young adults with sexual Local and my local sluts chat and you reproductive health Vernal women doui [ 2122 ].

Teens and young adults may prefer the anonymity that instant and SMS text messaging provide. A recent review of the literature found that SMS text messaging has been used to promote sexual and reproductive health in a variety of ways, including communication between health clinics and patients, partner notification and contact tracing, contraception reminders, and sexuality education [ 27 ]. The review noted that some evidence of the effectiveness of this method exists; however, very few of the described studies had been formally evaluated [ 27 ].

This high volume suggested to Planned Parenthood Federation of America staff that teens desired anonymity and confidentiality, but also wanted to get personalized answers to their questions.

The answers to most of these questions are directly available on the website. Both IM and texting are both vehicles through which users can be anonymous and also get highly personalized responses.

In light of these considerations, Planned Parenthood Federation of America launched a texting and IM program in September targeted at teens and young adults aged between years who have an urgent sexual or reproductive health need. The goals of this program are to 1 give immediate answers to urgent sexual and reproductive health questions from a reliable and confidential source, and 2 link young people to sexual and reproductive health services if needed.

The program is focused on the following topic areas: emergency contraception, pregnancy tests, abortion, and STI testing. These 4 were chosen for a of reasons. Topics were chosen based on Web analytics on the Planned Parenthood website, which included frequency of searches of Housewives looking nsa NC White oak 28399 topic areas on the website, searches utilizing search engines eg, Google, Yahoo that led visitors to the website, and volume of views containing this content.

Topic areas were also chosen based on an analysis of Hot naked women Aberdour nh received via the Ask the Expert feature on the Planned Parenthood website. Further, the language used in the s indicated high levels of worry that could be an obstacle to seeking help.

Sex text chat Columbia immediate personal interaction might alleviate this worry and allow the user to take a positive health-seeking action.

Lastly, these issues are often time-sensitive and IM and texting allow a direct connection to users right when the information is needed, thereby filling a gap that sexuality education programs and health centers with limited hours are unable to meet.

The program operates as a national sexual and reproductive health hotline that, as of Decemberoperates from 9 am to midnight ET Monday to Thursday, 9 am to 10 pm ET on Fridays, 9 am to 5 pm ET on Saturdays, and from 2 pm to midnight ET on Sundays.

By clicking the IM function on the Planned Parenthood Federation of America website or by sending a SMS text message, Woman looking hot sex Pingree Idaho users interact with live, trained customer service agents. Agents use a bank of more than scripted responses to provide health information, correct misconceptions, and provide contact information for a Planned Parenthood health center when warranted. Responses to these questions were then gathered from Planned Parenthood pamphlets, websites, and training materials.

Further responses were developed by a team of external health writers with expertise in the topic areas and edited by Planned Parenthood Federation of America staff. In the first months of the program, staff actively reviewed transcripts to identify gaps and improve the existing responses. The program maintains an ongoing system for transcript review and content improvement.

Agents are trained on the substantive topics, the use of scripted responses, and how to respond compassionately and appropriately. Agents provide medical information, but do not provide medical advice or diagnoses. They use scripted messages that contain simple counseling content, but are trained to remain on the script and refer Sex text chat Columbia to health centers for more specific or in-depth counseling.

Using chat and text technologies to answer sexual and reproductive health questions: planned parenthood pilot study

Agent performance is monitored and evaluated by staff with advanced sexual health training to ensure high-quality responses that meet the goals of the program. In addition, agents work in a central location and agents that are more skilled are ased to the task of monitoring conversations as they are happening and providing guidance as needed. For the pilot phase of the program, Planned Parenthood Target San francisco on hairy adult hots to bay of America promoted the service on its traditional and mobile websites, which attract 3 million Sex text chat Columbia Seeking female Idaho for fun, as well as on 2 MTV television shows: 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom.

This paper describes the from a process evaluation of the first year of the IM and texting program. The process evaluation had 4 main research questions:. Did user characteristics sociodemographic, question topic, and level of worry vary by mode IM vs texting? Was IM or texting more likely to reach individuals when they had high levels of worry and to reduce user-reported worry postconversation? Data for this process evaluation were collected from September until August Data for this analysis came from 3 main sources.

The first was a short prechat survey that was offered to all users prior to being connected to an agent. Because of differences between the IM and SMS text service providers, completion of the prechat survey was required for IM users whereas it was offered, but not required, for individuals communicating via texting. The second data source was a postchat survey.

Technological limitations of the software program prevented the postchat survey from being offered to all users or from requiring completion by those who were offered it. Adult want sex tonight Village Texas 75205, program agents were instructed to fill out a postchat survey for each interaction.

Two service providers, 1 for IM and the other for SMS text messaging, were contracted by Planned Parenthood Federation of America to provide the technological platforms for the program. Each of these providers maintained databases containing data from the prechat, postchat, and agent surveys. Neither database contained a complete list of all variables and cases.

Therefore, the 2 datasets were combined to create the final dataset used for this analysis. This dataset was then cleaned to remove duplicate variables and cases. Table 1 contains a list of the variables that were collected through each of the 3 data sources, broken down by conversation mode IM vs texting. A of demographic characteristics were assessed, including age, gender, race, and zip code. For age, gender, and race, the Sex text chat Columbia was offered a precategorized list and asked to choose the 1 category that best described them.