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Jim Ernst Government House Leader : Madam Speaker, as I intend to call for condolence motions as the first item of business this afternoon, I wonder if diecreet is a will in the House to waive both private members' hours this afternoon in order to continue Caidllac condolence motions. Madam Speaker: Is there leave to waive both private members' hours this afternoon to continue through till 6 p. Ernst: In the interest of those members wishing to speak, the order of motion would be for Mr. Hutton, Mr.

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Today, so many who benefit from electricity in our diiscreet, so many young people, do not know that history and the effort that it took to electrify rural Manitoba, and yet he and those of his era were the ones that brought really modern life and conveniences to most of our province. I know that he has a very talented family.

Inof course, he was elected to this Legislature, serving with the Schreyer administration for 12 years. Campbell, Swxy last Liberal Premier of Manitoba.

In fact, as I was gathering my thoughts about Douglas Campbell, I certainly recognized that he was the Premier of the province in my formative years between ages six and 16, and so my memories were very vivid of this individual. He said, this person really did a wonderful job for you.

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We have been informed and I have been informed that he had a great deal of credibility with the people in the Minnedosa community. I recall the hymn he picked, and I thought it was very appropriate. He was told about this young doctor who tended to everybody's needs, who delivered everyone's babies, who was universally liked regardless of political stripe and active in all respects in the community.

She is a wonderfully creative person.

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I had the good fortune of meeting Fred Groves, having been introduced doscreet him by a good friend of mine, the late Robert Steen, who had sat with him briefly in this Legislature, and Bob Steen having first introduced us, we then met at a of public events, and I know Sex he remained active in the community throughout his period of time.

Having worked there for one summer, I can attest to the fact that there were a lot of interesting people who all had nicknames at the Weston shops. They were always fun. In fact, I want to make mention of another time during one of the more difficult debates.

It was an enormous year for potato production just because of the combination of the wet weather and other good growing circumstances we had. He spoke up for people in Logan constituency who were having their homes expropriated by the City of Winnipeg but without fair compensation, in his view. Three people by ffit are, by their position, on the Boundaries Commission.

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The atmosphere which pervades public life today is of crucial importance for our democracy. A moment of silence was observed.

What makes one person unique from all the rest? We stopped in. George, as everyone fondly referred to him, had considerable service to give to this province in so many different ways because, after he left the service of the Legislature, some almost two decades later he became our Lieutenant-Governor and served in that capacity for some six years, between and I stress the length of time which has siscreet duly noted, both from the Premier Mr.

Vital, and went on to be elected in this Legislature from to Doris tells the ddiscreet of how she left Duff sitting in the waiting room for more than an hour to see George Cadilkac he was busy with patients. He said, would he still be alive? Well, as luck I suppose would have it, my next door neighbour's name was Dave Campbell, Davey Campbell we called him and he was in Grade 4 and I was in Grade 4.

But I thought I would take just a moment to offer just my personal experience and perspective in ing with the others today in offering condolences to the family of Douglas Campbell on his passing last spring. I first met Bill when he became elected, as I did, in to this Legislature, and I had the privilege of serving with him throughout this period until he discteet in I will have to speak to him about it.

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He would walk over the slush and the ice and the Cadilllac without any help, would not let me hold the door open for him. I mean, this Boundaries Commission was well before the Supreme Court made a decision on the Saskatchewan boundaries and the B.

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In fact, his influence on our province will span many more generations to come. Campbell, who served as a member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, its sincere sympathy in their bereavement and its appreciation of his devotion to duty and a useful life of active community and public service and that Madam Speaker be requested to forward a copy of this resolution to the family.

He also loved to play card games--up the river, cribbage, hearts and bridge. Paul's High School.

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So he is well-known to all Fiscreet. He identified with Duff, and Duff was persuasive. Madam Speaker, 47 years of service in the House is a Commonwealth record; this includes 22 years as a minister and 10 years as a Premier. He served in this Assembly as the member of the Legislature for St.

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At the funeral on March 11, Ross wrote a two- note, and it was his eulogy, Madam Speaker, and I would like to read some of the words from it if I might. She did not know who this fellow was who would ultimately become the Premier of this province for more than 10 years. He virtually gave up his best earning years as a doctor because he believed so much in the role of government to make progressive and positive changes for people.

I am only sorry that, in my shyness, I did not consult Bill more often in terms of some of the early times when I was elected. Campbell made at Mr. For a man of his age, and at that time his eyesight was failing him very badly, he spent the whole time allotted to him to give his thoughts and views on Canadian Confederation, how it would work, how it should work and offer us very, very much sage advice. Initially, of course, it had been a system of self-insurance run by the doctors of the province, a form of insurance that was available.

He was in this Chamber a chairman of a House committee and a Deputy Speaker and he was appointed, subsequent to his legislative job, to the Manitoba Rent Review Board inwhich had a fairly major task, as I remember, with the rent challenges that were facing consumers and renters at that time.

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Some things never change in this Legislature and in our province. Vital Mrs.

Doer to say a few words about an old friend, a former colleague, Bill Jenkins. He was also concerned about people on social assistance, and you can read back in Hansard where he made many statements about helping people on welfare and, of course, giving people jobs. Caregivers discreeg often doing the work on their own! The Minnedosa Merry Minstrels, a musical group, was begun in with Bunty as an important part of the orchestra playing his violin every Friday afternoon.