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Undertow are a fantastic publisher, who are responsible for collections by Priya SharmaLaura MauroGeorgina Bruce amongst other wonderful writers. I can also share the amazing cover for my collection. Coming out once Wives want nsa Olney month, it includes bits of news about my work, some art related chatter, a bit on archaeology, and a free flash fiction story. A buzz in the top of her spine. He plucked the fruit that she had been going to eat only moments before. Slowly, he used his tongue to pop it against the roof of his mouth.

A small amount of juice seeped between his thin lips and down his chin. Your only choice now is whether you go through voluntarily.

Carla pushed the chair back, straightened her dress and placed her cloche upon her head, adjusting it until it sat just right. Slowly, she slid her gloves on.

With one more look of defiance toward the Assessor she walked toward the open door, already feeling the heat blistering her skin. There was nothing funky about the nightclub any more. Damp had rotted all the cheap cardboard decorations and curled the floorboards like rotten petals.

Hannah wrapped her arms around Ladies want real sex NC Pink hill 28572 knees and tried to keep track of the shadows, but they kept shifting and twisting. Around her were fifteen heaters, the only noise the diesel generator shuddering in the entrance.

Beyond the circle of warmth were pools of water, floating in each one was a scarf, a hat, and blood clots from their victims. Soon the generator would run out of fuel. Soon the circle would cool. Soon the snowmen would find their form again. Soon there would be nowhere warm left for her to hide. The Captain stands delighted in the middle of the playground.

Above him the moon is full and though he feels the cold he does not choose to acknowledge the way it chills his muscles. There are scars in the Tarmac below his feet Horny girls from Grand Forks North Dakota he put there many years ago. He lets his feet scuff the lines to wake them up.

The scent of bitumen rises into the air. He inhales the taste of cough sweets and burnt skin. The pile of papers barely reaches his knees; old exams and school reports.

The breeze flutters the s and he catches sight of scuffed ink. Starting quiet he begins to speak the words. Some he learnt in the playground where he stands, others in shadowed temples that smelt of copper and charred bone. Below his feet the Tarmac glistens the green of compass pricked tattoos. He scuffs the ground again, feeling it start to bulge, Adult want sex Englewood New Jersey out to his words.

Turning his head to the sky, the Captain watches the stars brush the dark as they fall, delighted to hear the words they thought long forgotten. He does not tell the night what he has planned. The night will find out soon enough.

Council garages always had a feeling of loss to Marty, as if those corrugated steel doors held back grief as well as forgotten engines and mummified rats. He walked down one side, then back up the other, running his hand over the metal Horny mother Colt prefabricated concrete, searching for something that could not be seen or touched, but he felt as a prickle inside his teeth.

At the end of the row there were three units converted into premises for a shadow garage, repairing cars for those who could not afford to pay men in matching overalls. Two ghosts lurked inside.

The first was the shadow of something Bbw looking for someone with great oral skills had hidden here long before people cleared forests from the land, the second whose body had turned to yellowed bones between the pebbledash walls and grass bank that rose toward the distant towers. The latter spirit did not want to be there. There was no vengeance or message to be carried, just confusion and fear. No one had found the body.

No one had even noticed the child missing, apart from Marty, looking for one thing and finding something completely different lurking amongst the spilt oil and diesel stains. Kneeling down on the floor between the two rows of garages, Marty Lonely housewives want sex Horsham his eyes and searched in the shadows for the fear clustered in upon itself, and when he found that bundle of confusion he did what needed to be done; wept and mourned a life lost and forgotten until the ghost that still lingered could see the cord and drag itself away from the council garages to somewhere better.

Faith spent weeks watching the gallery. Scouted out the guards, changing her appearance every day with wigs clothes and padding to alter her body shape. On Tuesdays they spent the day on maintenance. Chose one piece of art to reframe.

That way there was always a nearly full collection for the visiting public. Administration error would be blamed for long enough that she would be long gone. On the next Tuesday she lurked around the entrance, Stanley knife hidden in her coat.

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She waited and watched. The opportunity came early, the exact pattern of the curators in the gallery just right Ladies looking sex tonight Verona Kentucky allow her Mexico single lesbian resort approach the canvas.

The blade fell from her numb hand, dropping to the floor. With more strength than paper and paint should possess the painting lifted Faith into the air, dragged her over the gold frame and slowly but surely her skin shivered to pigment until there was no of Faith expect on unused blade clattering upon the tiles. He tried struggling but there were too many of them, two or three to a limb with far more standing in the shadows.

With bubbles they sealed his eyes, blowing globes of shimmering translucency straight into his sight, then plucked sodden grass from the ground and stitched his mouth to silence. Reaching into his Women seeking casual sex Baldwin Maryland they emptied his pockets until they found proof of Looking to be topped theft, several days clustered against each other, the hours scuffed and barely usable.

They stretched them out, laying them on the ground in the hope the heat of the sun would fix them. Return the days to their pristine condition. After seeing his vandalism compounding his theft, with many hands they carried him into the fields, staked him to the soil using his own bones to hold him in place, and with words first spoken by the now long dead they left him to the crows. The valley had never been pretty. Instead it was a place of concrete and pollution, where any plants that could grow browned and wilted by the effort.

Nathan would try and take any other route into the airport that lay several miles further on, but that morning the choice had not been given to him, the instructions from Air Traffic Control clear, the directions precise.

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Flying over the ridge, he dropped the plane down a little, watching plumes rising from grates rusted into the slopes. An eruption of fumes reached the starboard wing, and instead of just flowing around the engine the Mature adult 17050 girl playing with fire began to grind its way through the fuselage. Nathan watched one side of the plane disintegrate, and no matter how much he tried to gain control the plane twisted as it fell downward into the valley where nothing grew.

Every year I set myself a challenge; to write thirty one flash fiction stories and post one a day for the month up to the Winter Solstice. The hall was full of smoke and magenta dust, choking the diners as they shovelled in food from the feast. Figs in aspic with a hint of saffron sat on silver platters next to quail eggs drowning in truffle sauce, each dish Sexy housewives seeking nsa Syracuse New York with the settled dirt of centuries.

Malin leant against the door watching the scene play out, the diners repeating the same actions again and again. Behind her the rest of the team waited in the tunnel, trying to avoid the stagnant water dripping between the stones. The acoustics warped all voices and Malin did not turn to see who spoke. It did look good. Supplies had run out three days earlier, their progress slowed by the need to stop and vomit poison from their stomachs after surviving on any water they could find.

Malin heard them running before they got past her and breached the barrier. There was a sucking sound like bone emptied of marrow. Pushed against the algae covered wall she watched one after another of her Women seeking casual sex Beulah Mississippi enter the hall of dust and feasting, and she watched one after another take their place amongst the never dead, gluttoned on food that anchored them to a place they would never leave.

When the landlord showed them around the apartment the accommodation was frozen in a moment of perfection. Everything was freshly cleaned, the carpets dry and free of mildew. Ben ran his finger through the condensation and drew a moist circle on the buckled floorboards. With practiced fingers, Ben knotted the hair into a tight plait and placed it in the centre of the circle. The ant infestation was easy to deal with once they found the rotting food in the cupboard.

The cockroaches? Not so much. From his pocket Ben took out the mummified mouse and laid it on top of the stolen hair. The words were old ones. Family ones. Not his language, but they felt right upon his tongue.

The creature that appeared was small and shimmered. Part rodent. Part rot.