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Get weekly s deed to make your marriage happier, kinkier, and more fun! After all, pain is pleasure, right? Once you have the clothespins on, make him wear them for at least an hour or two while he does some chores around the house. One way to really fuck with him while all the clothespins are on is to order him stroke his cock it will be pretty painful with all Beautiful women seeking real sex Rockport clothespins on!

Cock ball torture porn

If you are doing this, I would highly recommend using oil to lube up his cock and balls otherwise the board may cause some chaffing. Anyways, you can also use the cockboard for a variety of ways to deliver him pain with your feet! Instead of building a cockboard, just have your slave kneel with his cock over the coffee table or a low chair.

Now his dick can obviously take more punishment than his balls, so you can be a little more aggressive here! His cock will be right on the chair so that when you sit down on it or drop yourself downyour ass will squish his cock! Then, pop your Woman seeking casual sex Driggs up and slide his balls between the heel of your foot and the sole of the heel i.

This is a great way to give him a painful and fun ruined orgasm! After all, you have to make it fun, right? Give him a handjob with one hand while your other hand is constantly squeezing and crushing his balls. Then take turns slapping his balls back and forth with the tips of your fingers.

Torture of imagination

What you want to do is aim for the top i. You can slap his cock harder than his balls so go at it! This is basically when you stroke his cock with one hand and use your other hand to slap the head of his cock.

Nothing sounds more intimidating than hearing a pair of heels click clack against the floor knowing they can cause your balls damage! One technique Sex dating in Wapella to use the heel to play around with his head. Rub your heel over his pee hole!

35 cock and ball torture ideas (cbt)

Each of the 10 punches must be hard AND painful! This is a great mind fuck because the human brain is conditioned to protect itself.

So when you are telling him to Lonely wives looking sex West Plains himself, his brain is trying to fight it. I love this game so much because it allows you to maintain eye contact with your slave while you are causing him pain and discomfort! Roll them around and then start applying pressure — not too hard, but enough to make him wince and moan in pain.

Then tease him and ask him which one hurts more. In fact, to really drive him crazy, make out with him while you are squeezing his balls. Well, make him admire it from above!

Have him lie down on his back on the bed. If he can accomplish that, be sure to give him a little reward for being such a big pain slut! Have you ever played that game at the carnival where you throw balls at the bowling balls lined up against the wall to Ladies seeking real sex Eolia a prize?

10 cock and ball torture (cbt) ideas for your flr

What you want to use is something soft like one of those soft rubber stress balls or even a ping pong ball. Take the ball and throw it at his balls for fun.

Have him stand at attention a few feet back while you use him as target practice! Let me know in the comments!

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It was really hot and I am so proud of her. Honestly, I was missing her so much, sucked at the same time. Thanks feel better talking about it. Home — MyFemdomRules New? Start Here!

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