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Especially help that comes from that special someone. In the good times and the bad. Show interest in what she does and try to be Swinger married wants profile dating supportive as you can. Show her you understand both sides of her: her tough side and her sensitive side.

About me

I desperately, whole-heartedly, want to be taken care of. Not in the pathetic, annoying sense.

But in the loving and caring sense. I want someone to do little things for me, just because they know it will make my life easier.

When you want to be taken care of by your partner

As the oldest child of three and a stubborn, independent something, I have lived the last two decades of my life caring for and giving to others. Editing papers for my little brother, consoling my younger sister, taking care of friends and ificant others at the drop of a hat. I love my family and friends, I truly, wholeheartedly do.

And I would do anything for them. Since we are the caregivers for so many, and we love with such fervor and boundlessness, we need to feel something in return.

I need to take, too. They need.

They want. So give them something. These words are for us all.

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Why strong, independent women just want to be taken care of (sometimes)

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