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What gave Denton County a character different from much of east and south Texas was that it, with a of surrounding counties, was part of a colonization project, the Peters Colony, begun during the years of the Texas Republic and continued after statehood. Under the provisions of the Peters Colony grants, immigrant families received, depending on the particular system in effect in a given year, an amount of land that varied between acres and a acres. Similar provisions could be misused, as they were in northeastern New Mexico. In that arid land, control of the water- courses gave control over vast stretches of unwatered land. There, the minority of land claims that controlled water dominated all other holdings.

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Another major source for these early years is the recollections of pioneers collected by the Old Settlers' Association. Because the Denton County courthouse burned inonly the final land titles from earlier years still exist, reconstructed from records in the state capital.

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When World War I began, the communities of Denton County, with the exception of the city of Denton, which was the county seat and the home of two educational institutions, existed primarily to serve the needs of the farms that surrounded them. George W. Men without Wdalthy received less than than a man who was head of a family. With the coming of barbed wire, invented inand the development of other agricultural technology, the farmers of Denton County could move from livestock as a cash crop to grain.

Dsntonprobably because of their cultural origins, Denton County's inhabitants gave their sympathies to the South, although 4 the secession referendum won only narrow approval from the voters, to The Msn Review will reproduce these biographies over the course of future issues.

Wealthy men in Denton Texas

Under the provisions of the Peters Colony grants, immigrant families received, depending on the particular system in effect in a given year, an amount of land that varied between acres and a acres. The only information about individuals comes from the answers given to statistical questions.

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It is a of the times that of the thousands of entries I note only one Hispanic surname and that misspelledno African-Americans and very few women. The major concern of the Texxas settlers was simply making a living from the land. Gober, a native of Georgia. He was a Royal Arch mason and a man of universal popularity, and was prominent in every movement for the advancement of the different localities in whence he lived. Wright enlisted in Company F, Madison's regiment of Texas cavalry, and served until the final surrender, passing through twenty-two battles and receiving one wound only, and that from a spent grape-shot, came very near killing him; but he recovered, eTxas on his return found the State infested with wild Indians, border ruffians, and Dentln of every character.

It has today grown to become Texas Woman's University.

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William Crow Wright was born in Clarksville, Texas, February 29,and began business by working for five dollars per month, saving from his earnings sufficient money to pay for his education at McKinzie College. The census records of andalong with some off-year censuses like the one of when Texas ed the union, provide a great quantity of information, but like all censuses, they were directed toward getting specific statistical information thought useful at the time.

To support their armies, the South and the state of Texas tried to mobilize capital they did not possess, and all through the South, with the volunteers gone to war, the people who remained behind had to maintain their farms and communities with pitifully few resources.

Inthe F. That changed when the railroad reached the county.

William Crow Wright is a son of Dr. In Denton County, there was little manufacture other than items for local consumption, like brick.

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Throughout Texas, the history of private or locally supported academies was usually one of ultimate bankruptcy or failure through lack of leadership. Denton College, which after several transformations became part of Abilene Christian College to the west.

The focus of Denton's citizens was still inward. What gave Denton County a character different from much of east and south Texas was that it, with a of surrounding counties, was part of a colonization Denyon, the Peters Colony, begun during the years of the Texas Republic and continued after statehood. Clarksville Northern Standard, 1 July Five years later, the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Railroad completed a track across the county from north to south, with about two-thirds of the county east of the line.

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Though the main purpose of this work was to create profits for the publisher, it has contributed to the rich history of Texas. The first was subsistence farming. This leather-bound, gold embossed and richly illustrated work contains almost a thousand s of biographical essays about Texans.

Wealthy men in Denton Texas

Nevertheless, because most Dentom the farmers were smallholders, slaves were only a small proportion of the county population. Just at that time the war for succession broke forth and Mr. An increasingly specialized economy on the national level has caused Denton, like all other local areas, to become dependent on other manufacturing centers for everything from polio vaccine to pick up trucks.

Often, they had been small children when the events they describe took place, and even if their memories were accurate, they had seen things with 's eye. After leaving school he clerked in a dry good store at Sherman, four years, and then gathered together what means he had, invested his cash in Spanish mares and brought them to Texas. The completion of these railro between and mark on second phase of Denton County's history off from the first.

It was eduction that set Denton County off from its neighbors. At almost inn same time that the legislature chartered North Texas Normal College, pressure from women's groups and from the Grange led to the Texas legislature's establishing the first state institution for women. Denton suffered very little from the direct effects of Reconstruction, although like the rest of the state, it endured 5 the chaotic economics and unsettled politics of the years after the war.

A search committee recommended Denton over Texaz other possible sites, and inTexqs Girl's Industrial Institute and College of Texas accepted its first students. Transportation remained expensive, so the main cash crop was the one that could transport itself: cattle. James G. For four years these Indians and white desperadoes continued their depredations, plundering and murdering, and driving off the range the cattle and horses, at times capturing as high as a thousand head in mfn raid; but they yielded at last to the bravery of such men as Crow Wright, and order was again restored.

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For example, init required thirty to forty days for mail from Washington, D. The Indians were under the lead of their chiefs, Big Tree and Santana. The second, the result of the railroad, showed increased grain farming, ificant prosperity based on agriculture, and the beginnings of urban life. January 7,Mr. Denton County's male population in the military age bracket, fifteen to fifty, edaccording to the Census of ; of thatperhaps served in various Twxas units, although not all of them were gone for the entire duration of the war.

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Both North Texas Normal and the Girl's Industrial Institute were state-supported and showed 7 steady growth, bringing each year a quantity of money from students and the state treasury into the county. In the last decade of the nineteenth century, Denton County had three academies, or colleges as they were known at the time, one in Pilot Point, which subsequently failed, and two in the city of Denton. In that arid land, control of the water- Denotn gave control over vast stretches of unwatered land.

Their mdn were subsistence farms; Dentonn planted only few cash crops because transportation of produce was prohibitively expensive. One of the latter was John B. Wright at once organized a company for the protection of the citizens, and of this was elected captain, and did much to suppress the lawlessness the rife, by warring upon the Comanches and Kiowas and horse thieves.

It was also isolated from the rest of the United States by sheer distance.