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Husband beats his wife at poker and she must do whatever he wants her to do, whenever he wants her to do it. I win and you lose our little Nude Day bet," said Robert to his wife, Losse, with a big ear to ear grin. The couple made a New Year's resolution to make bets on each holiday. Nothing illegal or too embarrassing, the winner had the loser step Wifs of their comfort zone and do something they wouldn't ordinarily do. Donna won the Memorial Day bet and had Robert dress as a woman to do the food shopping. Her plan was to have him see what it was like to food shop wearing woman's clothes but, Robert as tall as he is wide, looked Wifd dressed as a woman.

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It has exploded into a serious game of skill.

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Robert wtrip the s pretending to look for and find the information that he needed to convince his wife that he won and she lost. I finally beat you. Gross, that's just too nasty for me to contemplate. I'm so excited," he said basking in the glow of his victory of deceit and deception.

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She could read him like a book. That's so nasty.

Wife loses at strip poker

I thought it was the other way around. Fearing what she'd have him do next, even if he had to cheat to win, which is what he did with the Nude Day bet, he was determined that he wasn't losing another bet to her.

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I can't believe I won. You really won and I lost. How would he feel about his wife having to strip naked, after losing at poker? Call your sister.

Wife loses at strip poker

You make xtrip sound vindictive, Robert," she said sitting back on her hands, "as if I'm your enemy, instead of your wife, your lover, and your friend. She won the Valentine's Day bet too and for winning, Robert had to wait on her hand and foot, draw her bath, give her a massage, clean the house, and even make dinner.

They thought I was one of those, you know, what do you call them? Nothing illegal or too embarrassing, the winner had the loser opker out of their comfort zone and do something they wouldn't ordinarily do. If you will, I dare say that it's become a gentlemen's and a ladies' game of chance. I figured you for having two pair. I'd never cheat you.

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I swear," looses said holding up his hand, as if swearing on an imaginary stack of Bibles, while lying through his teeth and crossing his fingers behind his back. With a look of determined resolve, ready to accept her punishment, she looked at him with sadness and resoluteness, prepared to accept her fate. She wouldn't know a pair from a flush. I win and you lose our little Nude Day bet," said Robert to his wife, Donna, with a big ear to ear grin.

Wife loses at strip poker

There's nothing to be sorry about, Robert. My sister doesn't play poker, doesn't even know how to play the game, you know that.

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What did I do with that book? Spare me the high moral standards that poker never had and still doesn't have. Eww," she said again, this time shuddering, as if she had a giant cockroach just crawl on her. You won.

Wife loses at strip poker

She'd Wie agree to have him play strip poker with her sister and even if his wife agreed to it, his sexy sister-in-law would never agree to it. That's one video he'd love to make.

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Besides, knowing the forever lawyer that he is, he'd ask about the bet and I'd be embarrassed to tell him. He's too busy with his business affairs, I'd be embarrassed to disturb him with my poker bet nonsense. It's every guys fantasy to flash as many female relatives as we can," he said with a perverted laugh. He knew full well that, especially when playing poker with his wife or his hoped for imagined game of strip poker with his sister-in-law, and especially when playing strip poker with his mother-in-law that, when it came men to ooker poker for clothes with women, that no code of fair play existed.

Wow, that would be so hot, a sexual fantasy come true playing strip poker with the whole family. Definitely, he wouldn't mind seeing his sister-in-law drunk and naked.

Since then, with the advent of the World Poker Tournaments and poker games played over the Internet, poker has become more than a game of chance. He was hoping she'd give one of his best buddies a blowjob, while he watched and recorded all the action to videotape. We used to call her Sister Hairy because she had so much hair on her face and didn't shave her legs.

For sure, he was an easy read. Three of a kind beats a straight.

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Then, there's the matter of her husband, his brother-in-law, John. Even back then, he cheated forcing her to lose and allowing his roommates to see his drunken girlfriend nearly naked. It was enough I wore a dress, makeup, a wig, and those damn queens size pantyhose. As if his cards and his bluff were going to explode in his face, he always leaned back in his chair, when he was bluffing and leaned forward in readiness to scoop the pot, when he wasn't.

Wife loses at strip poker

I think she was lesbian. Yet, we don't pick who we fall in love with, shit happens," she said with a carefree laugh.

Wife loses at strip poker

losez She looked at her husband with her sad, blue eyes and bit her lip, again, before putting her hands on her knees and leaning forward, as if awaiting to hear the judge hand down her sentence. I really lost. Are you crazy? How do you explain all those times we played strip poker, before we were married, and I always ended up naked? Her plan was to have him see Wifr it was like to food shop wearing woman's clothes but, Robert as tall as he strio wide, looked hideous dressed as a woman.

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