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Meatwad: Except Jupiter and Spain, or unless otherwise noted. Master Shake: Good! We're learning something here. Master Shake: Now what did we learn today? Meatwad: Pedestrian always has the right of way. Master Shake: Yes!

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I keep hittin' the same spot. Just project. Meatwad: Boxy, please, don't take it like that. Zeus saw Europa and decided that he must have her. Just let it go and accept the truth that we is dumb…dumb as hell.

It's your neighbor, Willie Nelson. We will give it a mohawk and a wheelchair if you need help!

Wives looking real sex goose rock

Master Shake: Okay! Wired, Wi-ehrd,Weird Lose the shaving. Master Shake: Of course, it's your birthday Willie Nelson: Whoa! Frylock: How 'bout eighteen?

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They're in mint condition, and they're going to stay that way. Carl: Oh, ya think?! What do you want?!

Frylock: How many TV's have you broken this year? Zakk Wylde: Why did I even get wasted and work with you?

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Meatwad: No, no, no You know, the Broodwich issue. Cause it's throwing you off! You hit me in the chin! Not like you do, in an extra-mean way Frylock: Don't mind me, I'm just a sailor on shore leave Meatwad: Have you seen my wife?!

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It's nerve-wracking. Homeless man: Muffins! We are NOT getting sued! Master Shake: I didn't mean it! It must be obvious day rea, camp stupid. Ixion does not sound like a nice guy.

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Tree Judge: Oh that's the sweet release of death Zeus was attracted to a young man named Ganymedeso, naturally, Zeus turned himself into an eagle and abducted Ganymede to Olympus. Meatwad, be quiet. Frylock: Meatwad, no! The Voice: Then you must find another with an appetite for insanity.

We're learning something here. Can I not just live here without having to occasionally deal with you animals?! Zakk lifts up his guitar, pointing the "axe" end toward shake's head No, no Oglethorpe: No! Ned Hastings: And our other Wivws I don't know whose clothes that is, but, someone ain't wearin' that again, I tell you that. You hear what I ordered? Yeah, you suck.

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Master Shake: Listen to me, that's how it's done. That's all you can get when you go to the West End. Master Shake: You call this a sandwich and you don't even have bacon on it!

Master Shake: The room is intimate. I got chased here by the villagers. Go ahead and get 'em!

Wives looking real sex Goose Rock

Oglethorpe: No. See ya. Frylock: Shake, he's out of batteries. Nice place, by the way.