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My fear of dating as someone with dwarfism Published 9 January image copyrightChannel 4 Athlete and law student Pani Mamuneas has never had a girlfriend and says he suspects the only women who approach him want to tick "dwarf" off their bucket list. The year-old decided to do something about it and applied for a TV dating show. You always hear girls say 'ooh what's your type? Oh tall, you know tall and handsome' and I'm the total opposite of that.

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People reveal what dating with a disability is like - attn:

How does it work? I'm 42 and at the moment - I'm more interested in finding a relationship than going out and having one-night stands. Here, two disabled people talk about their awkward dating moments. You always hear girls say 'ooh what's your type? The responses weren't too satisfactory and in the end I put up a message which clearly says: "Yes I'm in a wheelchair, yes I've dealt with it, message me if you're interested.

We got on one of the boats moored on the river, had a drink and chatted about work. All this time I shouldn't have thought of myself as less of a person.

The difficulties of dating with a disability

We went to the cinema and seemed to have a good time, but the next day the gossip began. It sounds big-headed but none of it feels right.

Would you date someone with a disability

When meeting a total stranger, you get the usual questions: "Can you have sex? Jennie Williams image captionJennie is now happy with her boyfriend Jonno, but has had awkward dates in the past I have degenerative hearing loss and for communicating I wear two hearing aids, which I rely on a lot.

Would you date someone with a disability

Participating in The Undateables helped me to focus on a different aspect of life and took my mind off the injury although I've now returned to training with my sights set on the Paralympics in Tokyo as well as taking a degree in law. In that time I've spent four months in bed with a terrible pressure sore. When I reached college, however, things started to look up. My male friends and I would always talk about girls and celebrities, the ones we would dream of marrying and how we would ask them out.

I wasn't even aware of it until my teenage years when growth spurts happened to others and I started to see that I was different and school became very difficult.

Would you date someone with a disability

But dating someone with hearing loss can cause awkwardness at times. My mates were saying that they had to get a wheelchair because it was like a "babe magnet" and has probably been one of the best pulling tools I've had. It's more about making love someome the actual sex part of it. I've had first dates by my bedside - I've said: "I'll leave the front door open just give us a knock, I'm upstairs. When I've taken someone home it has sometimes caused a problem, but most women tell me the wheelchair didn't bother them so a tube certainly isn't going to.

Would you date someone with a disability

We've ended up having a take-away, a chat and I've asked them to go down and get a bottle of wine out of my fridge. Chuckle, chuckle.

Would you date someone with a disability

But there's a lot more to having sex than penetration. Everyone seemed to have matured and the general bullying stopped.

Would you date someone with a disability

One time I missed my penis and stuck it in my little finger which I couldn't move for a while. Andy Trollope I'm not in a relationship at the moment. At the yo of 12 I asked a girl out.

6 things to know about dating someone with a disability

Were you born the size of a pea? It is mostly associated with older people, so I get comments like: "Oh yeah, my nan wears a hearing aid, we shout at her.

Would you date someone with a disability

Jennie Williams runs the Love Lounge which offers relationship and sex advice to disabled people. I couldn't tell you when my last date was - maybe a year ago? I was single, living in London and looking for a boyfriend, so I did what all single Londoners do - I ed a dating site. I spent quite a few nights looking at the bottom of a WWould bottle but picked myself up and started to go out.

It has certainly been a talking point. I was 36 at the time, and when I started to go out, I found I had no problem getting female attention.

5 damaging myths about dating someone with a physical disability

That was when I lost all of my confidence and thought I was not good enough because of my height. I get that in the pub from women.

I was able to use my computer in bed, and on another website invited women round to my house explaining I'm on bed rest. To coincide with the most romantic day of the year, 14 February, the disability charity Scope has launched a new campaign called Kiss Awkward Goodbye.

Disabled dating (your disability is not an obstacle)

They are really small and yu date - who I'd named Gov because of his job - asked what they power. I've got a catheter coming out of my stomach, a couple of inches below my belly button. Myself and the girl both ended up in tears and she felt too embarrassed to talk to me again.

Would you date someone with a disability

I wouldn't have the confidence to go up to girls, chat to them or ask them to dance. I've got lots of girls who are datd in me. But this is when things went very wrong for me. At 4ft 7in people have always asked me 'would you have wanted to be born taller? Oh dear.

Do you tell your date you have a disability?

Let me tell you about one of my most awkward dates. I went to take out my lip gloss to top up and out fell both of my hearing aid batteries at the same time.

Would you date someone with a disability

I had been competing internationally in shot put and javelin and hoped to compete in the Paralympic Games in Rio last year but injury forced me to take time out. Does wlth work? I explained my hearing loss and I got the rather surprising response: "Why do deaf people do 'this'? The public tend to get confused about what hard-of-hearing actually means.

Online dating with a disability: 'people don't think i'm able to have sex'

It was at this point, having never had a girlfriend, I decided to contact Channel 4's The Undateables - a reality show which tries to match disabled people with a partner - and so face my fear of dating with the hope of potentially finding somebody. And then your aids could end up flying out of your ears onto the floor, and the dog could run in and eat yoh of them.

Facing my fears worked and I disabi,ity feel able to approach a woman and have a conversation with her because I have learned there isn't anything to be afraid of.