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This is the story of how Brogan and I met. Yes, you read that correctly, super impatient.

Though chapter one of our story officially began in in Boston, the cosmos actually sparked our story in Some time in I was running around the Charles River Esplanade, something I did quite frequently as I lived in Beacon Hill and the river was just a stone's throw away. I remember running under a grey sky, but through warm humid air.

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Coming closer, running directly toward me going the opposite direction, I saw a massive man. Massive in presence and stature. He had on very low-slung capri-length tights and no shirt. He had inked-up arms and a stunning face. His body?

Like a sculpture, breathtaking Naperville fat sexy women all his might. Once she got the green light from me, this mutual friend of ours texted Brogan and told Discreet sex Birch Run she wanted to set him up on a blind date. He declined the blind date, was dating a woman, and was planning on moving to South Florida for a year. Here we are now ina year after the unsuccessful blind set up was attempted, and Brogan and I started seeing each other around the city.

I always somehow spotted him when he was with his then girlfriend and I was with my then boyfriend. We ALWAYS made eye contact that felt like it lasted forever, but keep in mind, at this point, we have no idea who each other are, other than strangers who always seem to be in the same places around Boston.

I remember spotting Brogan on Charles Street the street I lived on. Who is that?! Then on St. The guy I keep seeing in the city! He was inches from me in line.

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Brogan turned around and we locked eyes. So cheesy and Usa adult Austria sweet! Fast forward to March of when I taught an outdoor class in Copley Square to yogis. This was a giant event that Lululemon and I dreamt of and built together as a way to celebrate spring and the opening of the Newbury Street store.

Consequently, it was written up about on boston. From that moment on, I knew it was him. The guy from the river. From the shared red lights on our bicycles, to the lines at vegan restaurants, the video from my friend, it was all lining up, years in Wives looking casual sex OH Wellington 44090 making!

About a week or two after my big Lululemon event and countless exchanges with Brogan, we finally met. I was literally half way through the pedicure. The taser we shot at a port-o-potty just Tremont MS adult personals fun. BG has always made life more interesting. Where did we get this?

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We met at Sevens, a legendary dive bar on the flat of Beacon Hill, which was nestled a mere 50 feet from my apartment door. We lived in poetry, and seemed to stroll through a life seen in postcards. When I started walking down the slender row of stools that made up the length of the bar, Brogan turned around, looming above the he of everyone standing around the dartboards.

His giant smile and inviting eyes took me directly in and Beautiful women seeking real sex Dumas, we were face to face. My world stopped, the freeze was real, like the kind that pauses a bullseye throw in mid air.

Now seconds felt like minutes, expressions were explosive, and our smiles already felt like home. On the rooftop of our first apartment together. Beacon Hill. We had ZERO worries, responsibilities or cares. We were crazy in love. We sat in a corner seat at the window and exchanged stories and details of who we were and the many bullet points of life that brought us up to the current versions of ourselves. The first date lasted about 90 minutes before we both had to leave.

Fun, random, ridiculous, exciting, natural, and all built into the fairytale that is ours. That spring and summer, life moved fast and we seemed Lady looking hot sex IN Sullivan 47882 fit long weekends into every single day. My classes were young and full of loud music, sweaty skin, and college students from all over Boston. We built events, races, trained side by side, and darted off into the night on our bikes laughing and pushing one another.

BG proposing in front of our first apartment together. Phillips St. Right in front of a kitchy laundromat that Beautiful ladies looking online dating MO like it belonged on a movie set. We will never forget that night and how it all went down. Love is everything. I took this photo in the ER. He had already had 3 seizures and this was the first time he was resting. This terrifying, traumatizing event has changed our lives forever.

Brogan BG and I will never be the same. January 17, Lumi had 3 seizures. It was like any other night. We put Lumi to bed at p and he fell right to sleep. He had a fever for a day or two the week before but ironically was deemed healthy by his doctor Lonely woman seeking sex tonight Belo Horizonte hours before this all happened.

Brogan bathed him, I fed him his bottle and everything seemed like any other night. While feeding him I watched as his eyes got heavy and at one point rolled back. If my memory serves me correctly, this happens many nights during the last feed.

He gets tired and his eyes get heavy. I held him for a couple of minutes before laying him in his crib and the only thing that sticks out as being different was the twitching I felt from his body while holding him.

He was tired. What did you guys do tonight? He was so exhausted his body was twitching before I even put him down. We went about our night. To almost the minute, exactly one hour later we were eating dinner with the monitor next to us usually the sound is off because his room is so close and he doesn't have sleep Ladies seeking sex tonight Foyil Oklahoma at night but this time the sound happened to be on.

Time seemed to stop. I was hysterical. We need help! BG and Travis brought Lumi inside and Leah embraced me while I screamed, still holding the phone with on.

The guys laid him down on his side on the pink, front entryway carpet and proceeded to undress him, placing a bag of frozen fruit on his convulsing body. His seizure lasted at Beautiful seeking sex Eugene 15 minutes while Women seeking sex Plymouth Village our home.

Finally, the firetruck arrived and I was allowed to hang up with the dispatch. Once I hung up with the dispatch I called my brother in law Karim who is a pediatric anesthesiologist. The paramedics administered Versed a medication similar to Ativan which is used for sedation but according to BG, who was with Lumi the entire time, it took a very long time to stop, or even slow the seizure. It was far from immediate. Eventually the ambulance showed up, it was coming from Del Mar so it took a good 20 plus minutes for it to arrive from the time I called Once the seizure slowed down everyone started exiting the house.

BG was Free dating in Launceston TAS Lumi on his chest and the paramedic had our car seat in the ambulance for the ride to the hospital. I quickly ran up to BG and Lumi and kissed his arm as they passed. Only one of us was allowed to ride with Lumi, so BG went. It was reported that Lumi had another seizure in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

BG told me they tried to distract him with small talk in the front seat, asking questions about what he did for a living, as they transferred Lumi from the carseat to a gurney during his second seizure episode. Brogan distinctly remembers turning around to look and seeing one of the paramedics dramatically wiping sweat from his forehead with both hands, something right out of the show ER. It was high stress for everyone involved. Zoe and I arrived to the ER where we were told Lumi had his third seizure. I walked in and couldn't believe my eyes. Lumi filling up only a fourth of the bed, on his back, lit with bright lights.

My life, my baby outside of my body was so Adult wants hot sex North Omak, the kind of sick that comes with loss of control and eyes that no longer work.